18 The Scarecrow That the Strange Radar Could Not Detect

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"Listen, even though this scarecrow's estimated strength is E-class, the scarecrow's danger level has been raised to D-class. So, we have to carry out the mission accordingly.

"Do you understand?" a man with a buzz cut said in a deep voice to the four people in front of him.



Except for Lucius, everyone else in the mission had the strength of a D-class.

The man with the buzz cut, who was the leader of the team, had reached the level of a D+, just one step away from a C-class.

It was obvious how much Rei valued this mission.

Originally, according to the leader's intention, members participating in this mission had to be at least a D-class.

However, Lucius was, after all, one of the first people in the Mage Association to receive intelligence.

In addition, Lucius's younger brother was killed by the scarecrow.

Therefore, the leader made an exception and allowed him, a grade-F member, to participate in this mission.

"Lucius, are you sure the scarecrow's nearby?"

One of the young men dressed in red robes frowned slightly, looking doubtful.

After all, the intelligence showed that the scarecrow had been committing crimes near Nord.

Lucius had brought them to Saxe, which was a hundred kilometers away.

This was hard for people to accept.

What would an F-class know?

"I'm sure the scarecrow's nearby," Lucius said with certainty as he looked at the Strange Detection Radar in front of him.

At this moment, the red-robed man spoke again.

"That can't be right. I remember that the intelligence report said that this scarecrow was a strange new creature that had just been born recently.

"Logically speaking, its intelligence would be very low, and they would only act according to their instincts.

"How could he possibly come to Saxe which is 100 kilometers away from Nord?

"If you can't come up with any convincing opinions, I'll ask the leader to assign someone else to carry out the mission."

The other three people who were with them shared the same sentiments as the red-robed man.

Their leader actually allowed an F-class member to participate in this mission. They were very dissatisfied.

In their opinion, the leader's arrangement was simply adding a burden to the team.

This was a mission, not a joke. How could they be so emotional?

At this time, although the leader did not speak, he was also looking at Lucius, hoping he had a reasonable explanation.

Allowing him to participate in the mission was also due to some personal feelings.

However, the mission was still a mission, and as the leader, he would not allow Lucius to lead the team recklessly.

Lucius was naturally aware of the rest of the team member's opinions toward the situation. He showed them strange detection radar in his hand and said, "Do you see this?"

Everyone moved forward to take a look at the screen. The red-robed man looked at Lucius with disdain. He pointed at the radar's screen and said, "The red dot means it has detected something strange.

"If the detector detects a blue dot, it means that there are other detectors in that area.

"This is a function used to observe the position of our companions.

"Don't you even know how to use the strange detector?"

This time, the doubt in the eyes of the other team members became obvious.

"What's wrong with the Mage Association? They don't even know how to use the strange detection radar.

"Such person is actually participating in a D-rank mission. Isn't this just fooling around?"

Their leader also frowned slightly.

Even though he had great confidence in this mission, the other party was just a newly born strange creature.

Even if he killed two F-rank members, so what? His strength was at most F+ or E-.

Not to mention, if he were to carry out the mission alone, there would not be any problems, let alone leading a small team.

However, confidence was just confidence.

At this moment, the leader was also doubting Lucius's ability.

If the other party was useless, the leader could tolerate it.

However, if the other party turned out to be dangerous, he would request that Lucius withdraw from the mission.

Lucius was not flustered in the face of their doubts. He said coldly, "Two things are missing from my brother's belongings.

"One of them is his cell phone, and the other item is his strange detection radar."

Upon hearing this, the leader who had been silent all this while finally spoke.

"Are you saying that your brother's radar was taken away by the scarecrow...a newly born strange creature?"

Lucius nodded with a serious expression.

Immediately, everyone fell silent. The atmosphere became a little strange.

The red-robed man looked at Lucius with a complicated gaze.

"Do you know that the strange newborns have low intelligence? How could he possibly take away your brother's items?

"I find it hard to believe."

The leader nodded slightly and said with a frown, "Also, even if the scarecrow did take your brother's radar...

"The radar should be able to detect red and blue dots at the same time.

"The radar's only detecting blue dots now. Doesn't that mean that it's just a companion?"

The leader was experienced after all. He could see the problem with just a simple glance. The other members nodded in agreement.

At this time, the team had already made some suggestions to replace Lucius's voice.

However, Lucius was still very calm.

He once again announced an unbelievable piece of news.

"This one's strange. He's very special.

"It seems that he can't be detected by the radar."

Everyone was stunned when they heard that.

The red-robed man could not take it anymore. He looked at the buzz-cut man and said, "Leader, let's kick him out of the team.

"A strange detection radar that can't detect something strange? This is the biggest joke of the century!

"Anyway, he's just an F-class. One more member won't make a difference. One less won't make a difference either."

The other team members agreed.

"Yeah, isn't he just a scarecrow? I think he's only an E-class at most."

"Forget about the five-man team. I can carry out the mission alone perfectly."

"Yes, leader, hurry up and chase him away. I think he's already delirious from the shock of his brother's death."

"Leaving him in the team will only bring about negative effects. Leader, make a decision."

Other than the red-robed man, the other two members seemed to have the same opinion—to expel Lucius from the team.

As the leader, the buzz-cut man naturally had the right to select or expel the members of the team.

At this moment, even he could not help but guess.

Was Lucius really delirious because of Lucas's death?

Although it was hard to accept, the current Lucius had indeed begun to spout nonsense.

Thinking about this, the buzz-cut man looked solemnly at the pitiful man in front of him who was focused on staring at the radar in his hand.

No matter how unwilling he was, he had to expel Lucius from the team.

The mission would always come first!

"I'm sorry, Lucius. I have to..."

As soon as the man with the buzz cut opened his mouth, Lucius's expression changed and he quickly raised his right hand.

"Don't talk, he's moving...

"No, he's approaching us!"

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