98 Young Man, Fighting!

"Brother, quickly take father and the others to safety. I need to make a call and take care of the company's matters," William Seymour said as he left his family in his elder brother's care.

Klein Seymour looked at William deeply before nodding, "Alright."

"Father, Martha, Darien, Antoine, come with me," Klein Seymour said before turning to his family, "Jun, Eleanor, and Anya, let's go. We will fetch Young Master Albion first."


"Xiao Hua!" Xiao Qing rushed over before grabbing Xiao Hua's hand, "Come with grandpa and me! I just received a text from dad, telling us to head home and hide in the underground bunker!"

"The underground bunker? Is the situation that serious?" Xiao Hua asked with surprise.

"Very serious!" Xiao Qing nodded gravely before saying, "New Dimensional Rifts are appearing in the skies. Mum and Dad believe it's the Second Wave."

"The Second Wave?" Xiao Hua was startled while gripping Albion's hand, "Big brother should come with us."


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