113 Towards Damocles

"Then please protect me, Rose."

After Gu Pisu uttered these words, Qiu Meihua's hand twitched slightly with a strong urge to punch the person's face—that was exactly the kind of face the person had, a punchable face.

Nevertheless, she suppressed the urge before snorting disdainfully, "How shameless can you be? I have no obligation nor interest in helping you, Gu Pisu. Give it up. It will never work out between us."

"I am only interested in a man who can shield me from the winds and rains, not a man who will pull me down. But this is fine as well. At least I know the Gu family has no hope of overtaking my Qiu family with such a useless heir."

"Why must you bring family interest into this? Why can't it just be about us?" Gu Pisu said helplessly, feeling somewhat annoyed inside.

"There is no us—only you and what you want. Leave me out of this, Gu Pisu." Qiu Meihua spoke coolly, standing on the edge of the car park before adding, "Laters."


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