118 The Strongest Wizard's Fearsome Magic

Albion was wholly taken aback by the enthusiastic welcoming.

'Why does everyone seem to know who I am? It's like they anticipated my arrival.' He silently mused before the newcomer portal suddenly flashed.

A new figure walked out of the portal, dressed in a wizard robe and hat, looking like a real magician before he was similarly stunned by the crowd.

"Why are there so many people here? Is there some sort of welcoming party for newly ascended newbies? Why haven't I heard about this?" the newcomer inquired with surprise.

The crowd immediately shifted their attention to the newcomer.

Albion also glanced over, checking out the person's outfit before comparing it to his own outfit—which was the same black clothes he wore in reality.

"Strongest Wizard, I want to challenge you! Accept my challenge!" The Hunters began making their challenge declarations to the newcomer.


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