102 Power Leveling

Hunter Association.

Looking at Cao Wudi decked out in multiple layers of special armor, Branch Leader Johnson turned to Secretary Jane with a frown, "Don't you think you overdid it a bit here, Jane?"

"It is what Mr. Wudi chose for himself after I told him that he could equip any armor and weapon he wanted, Branch Leader Johnson." Secretary Jane explained with a helpless look.

"But still..." Branch Leader Johnson smiled wryly at Cao Wudi's appearance and said, "This is too much... Mr. Wudi, you look like an armored war frame..."

Not only did the person equipped himself with multiple layers of special Phantasmium-transformed armor, but there were also two rocket launchers mounted on his shoulders, two laser sabers strapped to the side, and high-tech thrusters equipped for mobility.

The person was practically a miniature mobile suit Gunda—Ahem, a weaponized robot.


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