108 I Will Pay For It

After being pardoned, Emperor Polemos put back on his stylish white shirt made of high-quality fabric with great relief—but just before he did, his bare top revealed numerous battle scars, one of which looked like it nearly bisected him in half.

Nevertheless, Polemos was a titled Emperor among Hunters, a proud and venerated existence with his own dignity.

Naturally, he would prefer not to do such a ridiculous and humiliating thing like running around butt naked in public—but of course, if the Lord commands, then he will hear and obey.

No questions asked.

Even if the Lord wants him to suck his—Ahem, never mind. Forget that last forget that last part. No, banish that thought right this instance.

Having taken a more careful look at Albion, Polemos glanced into his scarlet eyes with a heartfelt relief like an enormous burden has finally been lifted off his shoulders.


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