106 Greeting The Lord

Just as the observant residents of Silvercove city thought the falling meteor was going to rip a large crater in their town, the descending spacecraft greatly decelerated with a press of a button from Emperor Polemos.


The spacecraft crash-landed, shattering the asphalt road and quaking the earth in the vicinity slightly upon impact, nonetheless.

Still, it was a far cry from what could have been great devastation, not inferior to an atomic bomb's blast.

The hatch opened while the crowd in the vicinity inspected the big black spaceship in shock.

"Is this a spaceship? Why does it kind of look familiar?" a middle-aged man muttered with doubts.

"Why wouldn't it be? This is Emperor Polemos's private spacecraft!" responded a bespectacled young man as he gazed at the black spacecraft with excitement and reverence.


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