111 Beneath The Family Home

After the Regulators completed their inspection, they made contact with the Earth Federation Leader and spoke in private for some time before they were seen returning to the gateway.

"Please wait a moment, Esteemed Regulators," a man in black and blue armor by the name of Douglas flew over and stopped the Regulators from departing.

He was a Level 47 Hunter, someone who can be found in the top ten of the A-rank Hunter Ranking. But he was uncrowned for having yet to reach the same level of strengths as the other King Hunters.

After the two Regulators paused and turned around, Ceone quickly urged, "What is it, human? Make it quick."

"Yes, Esteemed Regulator. I was wondering if the Federation will be sending reinforcements over to help us deal with the Second Wave?" Douglas queried.

"Earth has been designated to self-governance and self-reliance. Note; the federation has made no arrangements for such reinforcements." Ceone frowned slightly.


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