1 Transmigrating into a Lord!

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Zhao Mo startled awake from his dreams once again…

Body drenched in sweat, he opened his eyes and forced himself to sit up on his bed.

The exquisite, pretty tree house in front of him was still there, instead of the white walls he was expecting. The windows outlined by vines weren't glass windows while the black tree on top of him had some young grass and flowers growing on it. He questioned the structural integrity of the place…

However, Zhao Mo could be sure that he hadn't returned home and his transmigration had become a fact.

He was sure that it wasn't a dream.

Because he had already woken up many times.

He had really transmigrated…

Zhao Mo slowly rose, a walking stick covered with intricate patterns in his right hand. He tried to stabilize himself using the walking stick. After all, he would still be badly injured if he ended up falling off the ten-meter high tree.

Besides, his body belonged to William Blackleaf, an underaged Elf who had yet to hone his battle energy and magic, so he was still a fledgling amongst the Elves.

However, it seems like it's not bad transmigrating to be an Elf. This face, figure and long legs seem to be as handsome as I looked in the past… Zhao Mo stared into the mirror, staring at his handsome face, pointy ears, and long legs. He couldn't help but marvel about his appearance.

However, Zhao Mo had put the past behind him. It had been more than half a day since he came into this world and he wasn't able to find any ways to return. Since he arrived in this new world, he believed that he should forget the past and begin a new life. He decided to strive for a chance to continue living in this stupid world on a positive note.

Besides, this was a world that possibly had a God. There would be a problem if he spoke carelessly!

Although he really missed his parents and wanted to accompany them until they passed away, he had read so many transmigrating novels and barely anyone in those novels were able to transmigrate back into their own world.

However, there was a silver lining in all of this.

He had two older brothers, who had long-established careers and families, so it wasn't a problem for them to take care of their parents.

However, he hoped that his parents wouldn't be too sad that he had died gaming. If it was possible, it would be best for them to grieve less for their unfilial son and continue living healthily.

"I am William. Yes, I am William Blackleaf!"

He walked out of the treehouse and stood on the balcony, enjoying the bright sunlight shining on him. He felt extremely warm there, as though he was filled with energy.

As William's eyes looked further and further, his thoughts became more and more crazed…


98, the game only needed 98 yuan every month.

That's right, "Gods" was a fictitious game with a monthly subscription.

After generations of freemium games or paid games all of the virtual reality games now had monthly subscriptions.

Extremely popular games in the past like "Glory", "Zero", "Sanctuary", "A World About Swords", "Starcraft" and "Conviction" were the basis that lead to games with monthly subscriptions!

As for "Gods", this game started its beta in the year 2333.

Because the game wasn't developed by a famous company, there wasn't much marketing for it early on. That prevented the game from being very popular when it first started. After all, it wasn't easy to stand out amongst so many virtual reality games.

It only became really popular after three years and even reached a new record in gaming history with 68 million players online at the same time!

It couldn't be helped. With how much technology had developed, everyone had a lot of free time. However, there were many games as well…

Gods was a world with battle energy and magic.

In this place, one could be lucky enough to become a brave Dragon's Slayer, marry the Princess successfully, and reach the pinnacle in life.

However, at the same time, it was very normal for adventurers to be careless and get eaten by the dragon. The dragon would then take revenge and kill an entire city, eliminating a guild's base and killing tens of thousands of players. The NPC1 would then take revenge angrily. All of this was commonplace.

However, this is a world with Gods…

Every player has the dream of becoming a God.

It was a pity that William wasn't able to become a God after playing the game for ten years in his previous life. He rarely saw any Gods either. It was not that he couldn't become one, but he had died before that happened.

He had died in the gaming pod.

Although there were a few other 'geniuses' in gaming history who would face sudden brain death while playing games, it wasn't enough to scare gamers as they continued to play instead of stopping.

They had to pay for their monthly subscription. How could they watch their money disappear in games like that?

Of course, even before William passed away, he hadn't seen any other players become Gods, not even fake Gods…

The key problem was because it was too hard.

No matter if they were professional gamers or top players from the top guilds, the maximum at that time was at the Legendary level. Even so, few people reached the Legendary stage and even among Legendaries, they had their differences too.

Of course, before he passed away, he had only barely touched the game's late game…

What was his level back then?

Of course, he was at the top of the entire world, a Legendary warrior who provided carrying services for other players.

As for his usual job, he helped people level up their characters.

His job wasn't limited to helping to beat Bosses2. When rich players were willing to throw money at the game, he would bring their characters for missions to gain experience, get pets, mounts, and much more.

He would even work as an assassin and help kill others as well.

He was a Legendary after all, so he was a lot stronger than normal players.

Being a Legendary brought a slew of problems too!

Not only did it require money, but it also required plenty of effort as well, bordering on craziness.

Besides, if he didn't have money, how would he be able to make equipment? How was he to socket gems? How would he be able to strengthen his weapons? If one didn't have money and didn't want to put in the effort, then it would be better to quit the game…

William had always suspected that there must have been many programmers that chose this company after the Wangyi company went bankrupt. If not, why would the equipment system be so annoying?

He had good skills, was able to see the potential of the game, and used many days and nights to get a strong advantage and lead on other players. All of this snowballed into him becoming a carry-for-hire to earn money before he slowly managed to become Legendary. For a poor person like him, if he hadn't been playing the game from the very first day, he would have long died from hunger in the gaming pod.

However, it's a pity that I still died! William Blackleaf rubbed his stomach, sitting down on the woven rocking chair helplessly. He took a sip from the fruit alcohol that cost 30 coins. It was fragrant and sweet and not choking at all.

It tasted really nice. At least, he didn't become a dog and he was a lot better than his peers.

However, I'm now reborn, so I have to continue working hard! He was thinking about how to use his identity to live on!

"William Blackleaf, one of the Elven lords by the borders of the Southern Blackleaf forest. His title is Border Lord. Hm, it seems like I'm half-Elven?" William had merely inherited some of his body's memories, so he didn't know how his body had fallen from the tree, how he had fallen so badly, and even died to let him have the fortunate chance to be reborn in a different world.

However, this was not the time to consider this. He should think of how to live a better life.

"That's not right. I can still remember interacting with him when I was still around level 20. He's a very strong Lord. Although his territory wasn't huge, he had great ambitions. I received several missions from there too.

"However, this person had died from a multi-party free-for-all battle six months from the start of the beta and his territory was taken over by the Iron Dukedom. It was quite tragic.

"His father is the previous Border Lord and he was able to survive in the cracks between the Blackleaf forest and the human dukedom. He even had the ability to play both sides.

"However, his son was lacking in comparison. After he inherited the territory, many peasants moved out of his territory and it was only later did he successfully expand the town.

"Even after he got into a lot of trouble, he didn't pledge his loyalty to the dukedom and didn't disappear fully into the Blackleaf forest either…

"Although I forgot what type of trouble it was, his actions later on were basically courting death." William sighed softly, as he started to recall what little memories he had.

His border territory wasn't huge. He had a lot of land to the West and East of the town, so he could use it properly.

There were 3000 people living in the small town—1500 half-Elven, 1000 humans, and 500 Elves.

Those 500 pure-blooded Elves…


From his memories, it seemed as though they were the guards his mother gave him.

These guards were quite strong and very loyal. However, they were too proud and were often unhappy about his human bloodline.

Even if his mother was Elf Royalty, these five hundred pure-blooded Elves had planned to use their lifespan of a few thousand years to outlive William, the half-Elven, and return to the Blackleaf forest.

"Er… My mother is actually Elven Royalty?" William's mind was in a mess, finally regaining his senses from the sudden rush of memories.

Just as William was about to summon someone to help him up for the patrolling of the area, a voice rang by his ear.

A sound rang in his ear.

"Ding dong."

"Countdown to the 1.0 version of the open Beta: 364 Days, 23 Hours, 59 Minutes."

"…" The current border lord was William Blackleaf, the esteemed Elf with Royal blood!

He slowly fell into deep thought. Because, if he followed his assumptions, he would be on the awesome route of killing the giant dragon, marrying the Princess and becoming a God after he transmigrated into a different world.

But how did he become an NPC?

Why… Why do I have to face the undying players who are practically cheats? William was suddenly in a daze.

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