Lin Yuan traversed to an urban romance novel. His identity is a Gao Fushuai and he is also a villain. Fortunately, he can make choices to get corresponding rewards. Note- Gao Fushuai means tall, rich, and handsome (Mr.Perfect). 【Ding! The heroine expressed her disgust for you! Please make a choice! 】 【Choice 1: Be the embodiment of licking dog and apologize to her. Reward: ‘Master Level Martial Arts’! 】 【Choice 2: Resolutely retire from marriage, refuse to lick the dog! Reward: ‘God-level Medical Skills’! 】 He can also grab the opportunities of the protagonist and plunder his luck to get stronger. “Ding! Charm is increased by 50 points!” “Ding! Strength is increased by 20 points!” Who says that the villain is destined to be trampled by the protagonist? I want to personally smash the protagonist’s halo! System: Now you are the protagonist. “No, I just want to be a villain.” THIS IS JUST A TRANSLATION NOVEL FROM ANOTHER SITE. ORIGINAL TRANSLATOR. :https://xiaobaiwen.org/i-am-a-gao-fushuai-villain/

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Chapter 305: Feng Dahai’s pleading! Yan Ruyue’s surprise!

Feng Dahai was silent for a second or two after hearing Lin Yuan's words.

"Shengli Factory? I haven't heard of it. I don't understand what you are talking about. What about this factory?" Feng Dahai said nonchalantly after a moment of silence.

"Boss Feng, you really don't remember this factory? If you will think about it carefully, you seemed to have opened a company of the same name in Jiangbei. But it was later changed to the current Dahai factory, right?" Lin Yuan asked.

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Feng Dahai fell silent for another second, as if thinking, and then said: "Yes, you are right. The original name of my factory seems to sound the same. It was named after a nephew of mine. I didn't think it sounded good, so I changed it."

"What's the matter? What does that have to do with you? If you have nothing more to say, I will hang up." Feng Dahai's tone was very impatient.

"What nephew are you talking about? Didn't you name the factory with the same name that your first factory had, and then later changed the name to do away from the controversies of the former Shengli factory? Due to negligence on your part, an accident happened in the Shengli Factory you opened in Hexi. There were three people buried in your previous factory. Isn't that, right?"

"I don't know if you still remember your former partner, Hou Shengli. He often comes to you for revenge in your dreams. Otherwise, you would have retained the original name to Shengli factory."

Lin Yuan said these words very swiftly.

After hearing these words, Feng Dahai on the other side obviously had a series of emotional fluctuations.

Through the phone, Lin Yuan could hear his breathing obviously becoming heavier.

But after taking a few heavy breaths, Feng Dahai said in an irritable and angry tone: "What are you talking about? I don't understand! Are you crazy? I'm hanging up."

Lin Yuan's words made Feng Dahai lose control and immediately said he will hang up on him.

But Lin Yuan said again: "Hang up. The police will arrive at your doorstep in five minutes. Feng Dahai, you have let blood stain your hands and you will soon be announced a murderer. If you are insisting you don't know then go ahead and defend yourself."

Hearing Lin Yuan's words, Feng Dahai couldn't utter a single word.

Only the faint breathing sound proved that he did not dare hang up as he said.

Looking at Lin Yuan who has cornered Feng Dahai to the edge, Yan Ruyue was a little surprised.

Especially that information about the Shengli factory where three people were killed. What is going on?

Yan Ruyue didn't understand.

But Lin Yuan looked as if he knew these things that happened very well.

This must be the reason why he is confident that he can resolve the problem with Feng Dahai.

Lin Yuan actually knows Feng Dahai's weakness because the same also happened in the original novel!

In the original novel, Ye Feng is not as miserable as he is now, and he is not Yan Ruyue's enemy.

However, the price increase of Feng Dahai on the facial mask sheets he supplies is still present.

If you follow the original flow of events, it is actually a collaboration between Ye Feng and Yan Ruyue on a facial mask brand.

Yan Ruyue also accepted Feng Dahai's minimal price increase.

Feng Dahai also cooperated with Ye Feng as a mask supplier.

But then, Feng Dahai became a little greedy.

Ye Feng made a lot of money from the collaboration with the Yanyue company, so Feng Dahai increased his prices from time to time.

Sensing that it has become a continuous price increase on the part of Feng Dahai, Ye Feng asked someone to investigate Feng Dahai.

It turns out that he had killed several people!

And so, it was Ye Feng who used the same information to threaten Feng Dahai in supplying the facial ask sheets at a low price to maintain the partnership.

This had to be the result of Ye Feng's investigation for a long time after exhausting all of his resources.

Feng Dahai actually had hidden the fact that he had killed several people and had concealed his crime.

But Lin Yuan remembered it all clear that he need not investigate since all the evidence was there as long as Feng Dahai's belongings are searched and the bodies discovered.

The butterfly effect caused Ye Feng and Yan Ruyue to be enemies instead of becoming confidants.

Feng Dahai has also become their enemy.

Instead, Ye Feng and the others are Feng Dahai's allies.

Their relationships changed.

What happened now is also different from the original novel wherein the price increase was not that significant as compared to the high price increase now.

Feng Dahai had also severed ties with Yan Ruyue and cooperated with Ye Feng.

Feng Dahai's crime, however, remained unchanged.

Lin Yuan stopped talking, after talking about the keywords 'Hexi Shengli Factory','three corpses' and 'Hou Shengli'.

Lin Yuan knew that Feng Dahai will not hang up the phone.

Only Feng Dahai knew about it, and so he was gravely shocked.

Lin Yuan did not speak, and Feng Dahai on the other line also remained silent.

After about half a minute of silence, Feng Dahai finally gathered the courage to speak.

He replied with a trembling tone: "I, Feng Dahai, have never killed anyone. I, Feng Dahai am simply a businessman who does his duties. I don't know where you heard such gossip and rumors, but they are all a hoax. I shall sue you for slander…"

Hearing Feng Dahai's words, Lin Yuan knew that he is already panicking.

It's just that Feng Dahai is in denial that no one knows about his crime, so he doesn't want to give in to Lin Yuan's so-called speculations.

In fact, Feng Dahai's spirit must have already suffered a lot in the past ten years. As long as Lin Yuan provides some details, Feng Dahai will surely collapse.

Feeling the trace of trembling in Feng Dahai's stone, Lin Yuan smiled and said: "Feng Dahai. This name has been used for more than ten years. But shouldn't you be more familiar with the name Hou Dahai? Let us both talk about Feng Dahai and his distant cousin Hou Guoyu, also known as Hou Shengli."

"Thirteen years ago, you and your cousin, Hou Shengli opened a processing plant in Hexi. Because of the unscrupulous desire to save money, you bought cheap processing machines which directly minced two workers into mashed meat. The compensation would be a lot of money. And you are against compensating their families, so you proposed to just bury the bodies. If the worker's family members urge you to compensate on the sudden disappearance of their family member, then they too shall vanish."

"Your cousin Hou Shengli is still a bit conscientious, and he is afraid that the processing machines will cause more problems in the future and that he will go to jail, so he insisted on selling the factory to compensate the deceased workers' families."

"But you do not agree with him. You wanted to sell the factory and run away with the money. You had a fight with your cousin, Hou Shengli, and killed him using a steel pipe. Of course, whether you did it intentionally or not is not a question, maybe you have planned it for a long time."

"But it doesn't matter, it doesn't change the fact that you ended three lives with your own hands."

"Then you sold the factory and absconded with the money and came to Jiangbei. At that time, the information technology was not as developed as it is now, so you forged your identity and changed your name from Hou Dahai to Feng Dahai."

"With the initial capital from selling the factory and the experience in managing the factory, you have established a career in Jiangbei and began your life anew by opening a new factory. Because of the guilt from killing Hou Dahai and two workers, you named your factory, the Shengli factory. But because of the fear of being discovered, you then changed the company name."

"Actually, the corpses that you have buried were dug up a long time ago and you, Hou Dahai, have long been on the wanted list. As soon as I call the police, they shall check your identity through your fingerprints, blood, etc. As soon as your identity is confirmed, you will have to be arrested immediately."

"The choice is up to you Boss Feng, or should I say, Boss Hou?"

Lin Yuan uncovered fiercely the secret that Feng Dahai had buried in his heart for thirteen years.

The story was so detailed, and all are true. Feng Dahai, who listened on the other end, was shocked completely and his breathing was extremely heavy.

The heavy breathing was almost like he was having an asthma attack.

Feng Dahai was so shocked. How did Lin Yuan know all this?

And Yan Ruyue, who had listened to it, was also surprised. She also wanted to know how Lin Yuan knew all this.

Lin Yuan had only known Feng Dahai today, right?

After talking about Feng Dahai, Lin Yuan fell silent again.

He was waiting for Feng Dahai to speak.

Feng Dahai tried to calm himself.

These words really shocked him.

He thought he has hidden his secret very well.

He never told anyone, even his wife, his child, no matter how close the relationship was.

In the past 13 years, he also suffered from guilt many times.

Being exposed by Lin Yuan at this time made him more unstable.

However, Feng Dahai is also a very clever person, as he actually already thought about what he should do when he is discovered.

So after about seven to eight seconds, Feng Dahai was forced to calm himself down. "You…No…What do you want? Can we talk about it? I want to talk to you…" Although he tried to calm down, his voice was still trembling from all the shock and fear.

Lin Yuan's revelations shocked him too much. Feng Dahai who was originally impatient and threatened to hang up on Lin Yuan several times is now begging for Lin Yuan to talk to him.