I Am A Boss Mommy That Wants To Slack

Everyone knew that after the young lady Miss Shen was abandoned by a wild man, she became self-indulgent and fell pregnant without marrying. After she was driven out of her house, she fell into a state of despair. The infamous Shen Ruojing, however, appeared at the birthday banquet of the Chu family’s old madam. Everyone taunted her. “The ones who send millions in gift money sit at one table, while those who send tens of millions in gift money sit at the other.” “Miss Shen, how much did you give?” The crowd waited for her to make a fool of herself, but Shen Ruojing pulled out an adorable little boy from behind her and said, “Excuse me Madam, which table will your eldest grandson sit at?” *** Both mother and son were brought into the Chu family, and Shen Ruojing wanted to spend her daze lazing about, but was met with rejection from the family in various ways. “We have first-class hackers, music masters, tech experts… Everyone is well-known in this family. What do you bring?” Shen Ruojing rubbed her chin. “Well, all of those things you mentioned… I know a little bit of everything.” Her three adorable babies stood beside her and nodded in unison, “We can testify that Mommy does know a little bit of everything!”

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However, she didn't expect Lin Yi to reject it. "No need."

Shen Ruojing didn't wish to force her. She then pondered a little and took a medicinal pill out to place it on the table. "This is an emergency pill. If Dean Lin feels uncomfortable, you can consume it directly and wait for the ambulance to arrive."

Dean Lin Yi nodded. "Many thanks."

Although her attitude was polite, it was clear that she was unhappy.

Shen Ruojing didn't continue speaking and left.

When Lin Yi's nanny saw this, she couldn't help but ask, "This student's mother has two doctorates and her skill in chinese medicine might be higher than Miss Shen Wanying's. Why don't you get her to help you do a check-up?"

Lin Yi glanced at the nanny. "Her resume is fake."

The nanny was stunned. "What?"

Dean Lin Yi sighed.