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A transmigrator gets another chance at life in a world of Dungeons and perhaps Dragons. Hunters are now the new celebrities with incomparable responsibility and power beyond imagination. While the world seems to be at peace and is making great progress, fearsome enemies approach. With a body plagued with mana poisoning, watch how Jacob deals with the struggles of life and the feelings of his heart. Witness his transformation and journey toward greatness. It's time to level up. Something to know about this novel: 1. Each chapter is ~2000 words. 2. If you find an error, tell me. I'll correct it and thank you. 3. This is a fan fiction of the novel "Solo Leveling" or "Only I Level Up". But it is NOT set in the Solo Leveling world. You can still read and understand this novel if you have not read Solo Leveling. 4. I am only taking Sung Jinwoo's system and giving Jacob (my MC) a system similar to it. 5. I only own my characters and my original story. I do not own "Solo Levelling" or "Only I Level Up" Discord Server Link with maps, character art, MC stats, etc: dsc.gg/misterop Read up to 7 Chapters in Advance: https://www.patreon.com/misterop Tags: Action, Adventure, Anti-Hero Lead, Adult, Aristocracy, High Fantasy, Magic, Male Lead, Martial Arts, No Harem, Reader Interactive, Ruthless Protagonist, Romance, R-18, System, Strategy, Supernatural, Slaves, War, Weak to Strong

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Truck Kun Sends Regards

"Jacob! Stop! Look ahe.."

The screaming woman paused with horror plastered on her face. Her colleague's body flew across the sky ahead of her, along with the screech of a truck coming to a halt.


"Beat that brat!"

"Yeah! Hit him more!"

A few minutes later, the boys stopped with wicked smiles. A handsome one among them spat on the ground at his classmate's face.

"Jacob! If you dare to chase after my girl, next time, we won't stop at this!"

"That brat's like a baby. I didn't even warm up my fists, and he fell."

The boys snickered. He turned back to his friends as they returned to the class since the lunch break had ended.

Sometime later, the boy on the ground opened his eyes to the blue sky, feeling disoriented.

"Argh… what happened?"

He lifted his arms, which seemed filled with lead, to wipe the dirt off his eyes. But something didn't feel right. He finally opened his eyes.

"What the heck?!"

He looked at his thin and pale hands in disbelief. They were the hands of someone who had never worked hard.

"Whose hands are these? Wait, what happened to my voice?"

He sat up in shock, ignoring his aching body. Where was his pumpkin face?

"Where am I? What day is it?"

He checked his pockets and found an unfamiliar smartphone showing February 1 on its lock screen. After unlocking it with his fingerprint, he opened the camera and looked at himself.

A teen's pale face with gray eyes and shoulder-length silver hair stared back at him. He wore a gray t-shirt with a black hoodie. His ear piercings and a red ruby necklace were the only uncommon things on him.

"Okay. This kid looks better than me… but I don't look like this!"

Jacob's miserable voice rang out in the playground. It immediately attracted the attention of a security guard.

"Hey you, don't you know recess is over!"

'Recess? Meaning this is a school, and I'm a student?' he thought while dreading the exams.

Jacob looked at the newcomer and got up with some difficulty. He silently accepted he had switched bodies and didn't want to appear abnormal.

"Yes, I just fell. I'll go back to class."

The young security guard sneered. He said, "Who doesn't know Kevin's gang beats you up once every few days for ridiculous reasons? Why don't you fight back?"

Without waiting for Jacob to respond, the guard said, "Yeah, I forgot you are sick and don't want to get in trouble. At least try to avoid them by telling the teacher or something."

"Yeah, sure," Jacob muttered, then turned around, trying to go to the school building. His clothes were covered in mud, and he wanted to wash up. He took a single step, and immense pain assaulted his mind, instantly knocking him out. He fell face flat on the ground.

The security guard made a troubled face but finally sighed. Rolling up his sleeves, he lifted Jacob and called his partner to escort the fainted boy to the infirmary.


Jacob woke up, staring at the white ceiling with a groan. He slid aside the bed sheet covering him and sat on the bed with his feet hanging off the side.

His eyes now held clarity. He muttered, "So I was rejected by the most attractive babe in my office at the ripe age of twenty-two just because she didn't like my past reputation. Then truck-kun sent me on a one-way trip to a world living in hell mode. And I'm also Jacob here and younger by four years, so I'm 18. But why does this Jacob's condition seem even more miserable than mine?"

The nurse on duty approached Jacob after hearing some noise. Her youthful face with a gentle smile immediately attracted Jacob's attention.

"Looks like you're patched up. You've got an important class at 4 pm with Mr. Adam. I heard he's going to announce something. Can you go, or would you like to return home?"

Jacob now had his predecessor's memories and knew Mr. Adam was his homeroom teacher. He also knew this was the only teacher who held goodwill toward him. So his choice was clear.

He said, "I'm feeling better now. I'll be there in 10 minutes. Thanks for your help."

The gentle nurse nodded, took the iv cannula from his hand, and saw him off the medical building.

Jacob digested his newly gained memories as he walked towards the main building. He was in discomfort since the nurse didn't bathe him, and he still had dried mud stuck to his clothes.

'What's up with his world? D&D but without dragons? And it's in real life, not on a table? Huh… to think there are real dungeons here with hunters that dive in them. They hunt monsters to get loot and skills. The whole society revolves around these hunters and dungeons!'


A deep sound echoed in the silent classroom. The students attentively stared at the teacher.

"… and you need to know this chance is very precious."

The door creaked open, and Jacob's head sneaked into the classroom. Mr. Adam stood on the podium and said, "Take a seat." He then turned back to the class as Jacob nodded and sat on the last bench.

"As I said, this supervised Dungeon Dive is your only chance to awaken your talent safely. You can become an Awakened hunter this time. This will increase your chances of passing the final exams in a month. Of course, even if you don't pass, you can keep your life as the examiners will save you."

Hushed discussions began in the class. Mr. Adam raised his hand, and the class quietened.

"Stop talking! Ask me if you have any questions."

A girl raised her hand and spoke after Mr. Adam nodded.

"Sir, will it be that dangerous in the final exam?"

After the girl sat down, Mr. Adam sighed and said, "Yes. You're studying in the only Federation-supported Blue Hunter High School in our Trathe City. So in your graduation exam, you'll be Dungeon Diving without help. Your life will be in your hands. Nobody will come to save you. Except… if you awaken your talent this time."

He stayed silent while the students digested his words. They once again realized the importance of awakening a talent in this world. Adam looked at the 24 familiar faces he had been teaching for the past year and wondered how many would make it out alive and graduate.

'50%? Hmm… I shouldn't get my hopes too high.'

Jacob was also lost in thoughts.

'So realistic! An awakened person will be saved even if they fail, while others are left to pass or die trying. But why are the rules so brutal?' he wondered. But he didn't want to fear the challenge after getting a second chance. 'In my previous life, I became a slave to my company for my family and nearly ruined my life. This time I want to do something for myself!'

After a while, Mr. Adam said, "So make teams of 3 and get ready. Your supervised Dungeon Dive will be held tomorrow. Give me your names by tonight."

The bell rang at this moment. The teacher left the classroom while everyone started teaming up.

Jacob looked at his bully. Kevin had plenty of people surrounding him, but he didn't know who to pair up with. As it was a matter of survival, he didn't want to take this decision lightly.

'This is my second chance at life. I don't want to risk it even though it's a dream come true. The class rep's probably a good choice,' he concluded from his newly gained memories.

Jacob made his way across the class. He reached the most beautiful loli in the class, Sumei, who was surprisingly alone.

"Hey, rep, wanna team up?"

She looked at his thin pale face and lazy smile, unable to come up with a response.

"Since when did we get so close?" Her black hair with twin ponytails swayed as she tilted her head while seated at her desk.

"Now," Jacob replied, approaching her with a step. "So, wanna team up?" He insisted. After seeing her waving her hand and trying to speak up, he said, "Come on. Don't be like this. I know it's an important decision, and I don't want to entrust my life to a stranger. But do you have a choice?"

He stepped away and motioned to the classroom, leaving Sumei speechless. Nobody had approached her despite her beauty and position as a class rep. The class was nearly empty as the teams had left for the staff room to register their names.

Jacob shook his head. "That's why you shouldn't be too strict. Look, these people can't bear teaming up with you! But I'm different."

Sumei curiously asked, "How so?"

"I know I'll die with the sickness that's left me weak, so I can tolerate all rules as long as you can ensure my life."

Sumei was once again left speechless. She stood up from her chair, leaned forward with her hands on the table, and stared into Jacob's eyes.

"So, are you trying to team up with me to stay alive? Just that? Why should I even accept you? What can you bring to the table?"

With a sly smile, Jacob replied, "Because you don't have a choice. Look, everyone left."

Sumei's eyes darted around, but she didn't notice anyone. "You!" She grew angry after finally understanding his intentions.

"Yes." Jacob nodded his head. "I kept you occupied to make it seem like you're going to accept a waste. So nobody would even consider teaming up with you. They still wouldn't team up with you considering your reputation in the class."

Since his work was done, Jacob waved his hand and left the class while saying, "So give our names to Mr. Adam. I wonder who'll be the third one…."

"You're despicable!" Sumei's scream echoed behind him.

"I know!" Jacob replied. "That's the only thing I can do to remain alive. Because nobody would even consider me, and you know that."

Sumei remained silent in class. Yes, she knew about Jacob's situation. The feeling of pity she held for him had evaporated after her first unofficial talk with him. But now those feelings reappeared. She knew more than others as she was the class rep.

'A mana-poisoned body will not live for long.' She sighed.

'It's already a miracle he's alive. I'll keep you alive for now.' Her eyes grew determined.


"I'm home!" Jacob said after removing his shoes and placing them on the shoe rack. He closed the door behind him and walked directly up the stairs to his room. Halfway up the stairs, someone from the drawing room shouted.

"Useless bro! Don't come outside. My friends will be here any minute. I don't want them to know we have an otaku at home!"

The voice of a youthful, energetic girl echoed from the drawing room downstairs. Jacob stopped for a moment. He remembered his status in the family and his relationship with his sister. Even more downcast, he said, "I know." But his clenched fists and gritting teeth betrayed his state of mind.

He walked to his room and threw his bag on his bed before settling in his gaming chair.

'My sister? Ruby? How dare she talk to her older brother like that? What a low blow. Is this the new standard for an otaku these days? Just a weak mana-poisoned body, an antisocial personality, and an addiction to anime and manga, and you label me an otaku? And what's wrong with being an otaku?' he thought of the injustice.

But all the thinking ended with a sigh.

Hey there!

It's Mister Op, a wannabe writer.

This is my first fan fic and I'm a big fan of Only I Level Up.

But then, it has less than 300 chapters and I was not satisfied.

So this is my spin of the story. Hope you like it.

I will write at least 100 chapters and decide whether to continue this fan fic based on its performance.

So yeah, looking forward to your support. Peace :)

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