I alone am the Honoured One!

What do you mean by there are cultivators in this world? And I have a heaven defying physique? Zhao Tian is living a normal life with his family including his mom and sister! But what will happen when he comes to know that this modern world he is living in is not normal and there are people who can use supernatural powers who are called 'cultivators?' He came to know that he has a physique that could even defy the mortal limitations of the heavens. From there his life changed with many women entering his life. And there seem to be a lot of secrets that lie within him that he doesn't even know himself. What will he do after knowing about his secret and origins?! ----------------------- The most important thing. NO NTR! NO YURI Dual Cultivation Yeah, there will also be r18 scenes, it will be marked as * and not every other chapter will be R18 Come and read it! At least try the free chapters man! The Mc is not a simp. He is cold toward his enemies and doesn't hesitate to kill them. He only shows his gentle side towards his loved ones and is very affectionate of them. English is not my first language, so there might be some errors and if you saw an error you can para comment it. I am constantly improving myself. The cover does not belong to me if you want to remove it. Let me know and I will remove it! Join discord: https://discord.gg/9HFT3TvXK9 500 powerstones = 1 bonus chapter 100 Golden tickets = 2 bonus chapters Big gifts = bonus chapters ------------------------ Incest Handsome MC R18 Big harem

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The Honoured One?!

Zhao Tian suddenly felt something strange with his body. His eyes darted around and he felt like he could see things more clearly than before.

And now he can perceive the astral energy in the atmosphere even more and he slightly raised his hand. Suddenly the astral energy swirled and converged, merging seamlessly with his body. *siish*

Huh? What is this strange feeling?

"How do you feel now? Tian?" Xia Shenyi asked with a smile and Zhao Tian looked at his own body "I feel totally different than I felt from the last minute, my body and mind felt like they just got out of a restriction and are now... free."

"What did you do, Shenyi?"

Xia Shenyi spoke looking into his blue eyes "Nothing big, I just broke the seal that was placed on you."

Zhao Tian was dumbfounded "A seal? Someone has placed a seal on me? But why?" he mused aloud.

Xia Shenyi spoke in a serious tone "Because you are not normal, Tian. I was so scared when I first looked at your physique, it sent shivers down my spine."

"Do you know why? Because your physique is the most terrifying physique in the entire realm... including my high star too."

"Your physique is extraordinarily rare that there have been only two people with the physique in the history of cultivation of millions of years."

Looking at his palm, Zhao Tian spoke with a slight frown, confusion etched in his voice "My physique?"

Xia Shenyi gave a nod "There are some rare cases where a person born with a powerful physique... and yours is the first on the list."

Zhao Tian had a vague idea in his mind. He knows he has a peak human body and he is very strong compared to other normal humans and his vision is also very sharp. Even if he got injuries they will heal faster... all because of this physique?

"Then the seal?"

Xia Shenyi nodded looking at his questioning eyes "Hm. Someone has placed a seal so others couldn't find out about your physique and to also limit your powers."

Zhao Tian raised an eyebrow in curiosity "Will something happen to me... if anyone found out about my physique?"

Xia Shenyi chuckled hearing this "If the people in the high star know about you... They would do anything to kill you or capture you hahaha."

The fuck? Didn't she just say that women would pounce on me if they found out about my physique? Now she is saying they would kill me! Is this woman stupid?

But this raised even more questions in Zhao Tian's mind. "Why would they kill me? My physique just gives me extraordinary human abilities... nothing big."

"I am sure cultivators can become stronger than that, right?"

A small smile spread across Xia Shenyi's cheeks "Do you know what your physique's name is?"

Zhao Tian shook his head "No!" He just came to know that he has this rare physique, then how the hell is he supposed to know about its name?

"The Honoured One's physique!"

"The Honoured one?" Zhao Tian asked and Xia Shenyi nodded her head "The one who has this physique has no restrictions or limits!"

"He who has this physique is not under the restraints of the heavens and he is free. He can cultivate faster than others and endlessly and there are no... limits!"

"No limits?"

With a nod, Xia Shenyi spoke "En. I said that there were two other people before you who had this Honoured One's physique, remember?"

"Yeah, I do!"

Xia Shenyi continued "Hm. The first one to have this physique broke the limitations of the mortal realm and finally became a God!"

Zhao Tian was surprised to hear this "God?"

Xia Shenyi giggled seeing his expression "What? Are you an atheist?"

"I am sure you are not talking about that kind of 'God'!" Zhao Tian remarked and Xia Shenyi couldn't help but giggle even more.

"Well, jokes aside... you truly have the potential of becoming God or even more than that... only if you are still alive to reach that stage."

"So that's why someone placed a seal to hide your physique and limit your powers. If the high-star people find out about your physique you are dead meat."

Zhao Tian raised an eyebrow "If there is a seal, how did you find that I have this physique?"

Xia Shenyi smiled "Heh, you are really smart. I found you have this physique because I also have a special physique."

"Oh? So, those who have special physiques can see other's special physiques?!" Zhao Tian asked in amusement and Xia Shenyi replied shaking her head "No, No... I found yours because I have a physique that could detect if others have rare physiques."

"So, that's how it is..." 

Xia Shenyi rolled her eyes "But I have to appreciate the person who placed this seal on you. Even I couldn't sense the seal at first... but seems like the seal has gradually weakened over the past years and that's why I could find yours."

Zhao Tian frowned his eyebrows deep in thought "But who placed this seal on me?" He has no recollection of anyone doing anything to him. He lived with his mother and sister all his life...

Xia Shenyi also narrowed her eyes looking at Zhao Tian 'The Honoured One's physique. There's no way he belongs to this middle star where astral energy is low... Even in this high star, this is highly impossible. Maybe he is from the Astral realm?'

'And the seal is also very complicated, it only weakened because of his mysterious physique resisting it over the years. Just who are you, Zhao Tian?'

At this time, Zhao Tian remembered something "You said there are two people with this physique, right? What happened to the second one?"

"Oh? The second person was killed after a few years. Assassinated, to be precise."

"Assassinated?" Zhao Tian asked and Xia Shenyi spoke "Yeah, they feared what the physique holder would reach as the first one reached Godhood. So they killed the person in their childhood before they could reach their potential."

"Some high-level people don't really like when there is an entity which could surpass them, which could also be a potential threat to them in the future."

"And that's why, no one knew about the full potential of this physique holder. I heard that this physique could do miracles..."

Zhao Tian contemplated her words, So someone placed a seal on him to protect him. But who did this?

Xia Shenyi's eyes fell on his pendant and she asked "Do you know how you got this pendant?"

"Oh? I got this from my Mom. This belongs to my late father..." He stopped his words and realized something "Maybe the one who placed this seal was actually my father?"

Xia Shenyi shrugged "I don't know who did this, but that person is not simple and really wanted to protect you."

"And now that you know about this cultivation, do you want to cultivate? It'd be a shame if you didn't cultivate with that physique."

Zhao Tian nodded his head, he had already decided about this. Xia Shenyi smiled "Then I will teach you now and-"

Zhao Tian raised his hand interrupting her "We can do those things later, first we have to search for a way to exit this place."

Xia Shenyi sighed heavily expressing her frustration "If there was a way, I would have exited already. We have to wait till another space crack forms and still, we can only stay a few seconds outside."

Zhao Tian shook his head "If there is a way inside, there should be a way outside."

Xia Shenyi just smiled "Your efforts will be useless because there is no way outside... only entering not exiting. Do you think I spend all that time here sitting idle?"

Zhao Tian frowned, as she said she should have tried leaving this place many times. So am I really stuck here?

"Hehe..." Xia Shenyi got down from the table and sat on his lap seating her ass on his thighs perfectly while placing her hand on his bare chest "That's why I said, stay here with me..." she spoke seductively.

A sigh escaped Zhao Tian's lips "Stop with this fake temptation. You are obviously teasing me. Even if I push you now and force myself on you... you'd instantly kill me, you damn woman. I can see you are one hell of a monster." he spoke his blue eyes narrowing and it glowed.

Xia Shenyi giggled playfully "Well, I am from a high star so obviously I have higher cultivation and it's fun to tease you, you know?"

"And it is not fake temptation... I am really attracted to you!" she spoke her fingers softly tracing his cheeks. "A handsome face that could not be seen even in the high star and a physique which could break the restrictions of heaven, who wouldn't fall for you?"

So that's what she meant by women pouncing on me? Zhao Tian smiled "I will hear all of your yapping later. I have many things to do in the outside world so I really gotta leave."

"Your nonchalant behavior is also cute." Xia Shenyi spoke in a teasing voice. "And if you want you can leave no one is stopping you!"

'Is there really no way? But I want to leave now...' Zhao Tian thought in his mind and without knowing him, the tattoo on his wrist again appeared and shone a little.

*thriish* A huge space crack appeared in the room and both of them were startled. Xia Shenyi got down from his lap "The space crack has appeared again."

"If you want you can go out and look at your family for a few seconds, haha!" Xia Shenyi laughed.

Zhao Tian didn't respond to her and stood up from the seat touching the space crack. After him, Xia Shenyi also touched it leaving the space.

As they appeared in the bathroom, Xia Shenyi teased again "Take a deep breath inhaling air from this place cause you will be returning back soon."

Zhao Tian spoke in irritation, "Shut up, Shenyi!" A few seconds passed and the green pendant glowed again. "Shit, here we go again..." Xia Shenyi muttered in frustration and she disappeared.

But Zhao Tian was still in the bathroom. He was confused "Huh?" Do I still have more time? But even after a minute, nothing happened to him.

He opened the door and came out of the bathroom "What's happening?" he wondered aloud, his hand reaching out to grasp the pendant tightly "I am not sucked in anymore?"

*creek* At this time, Zhao Ying entered his room with a smile "Oh, you woke up soon today." She walked near him and saw him holding the pendant "Why are looking at this?"

"Big Sis..." With a smile, Zhao Tian hugged her in his arms letting out a gentle sigh of relief. As his arms wrapped around her, Zhao Ying's body tensed up in response to the unexpected hug, yet she couldn't help but feel the warmth radiating from her brother's body, embracing her chest.

"T-Tian'er?" Though a little surprised, she also hugged him back feeling the touch of his bare skin as his t-shirt got torn by Xia Shenyi. And this kind of skinship is normal for them.

Embracing her Zhao Tian frowned his eyes, today he came to know about an important thing in this world. Cultivation! The future could change into anything when it is revealed to the public.

And he has two most important people in his life who he loves dearly and will do anything for them. That's the main reason he accepted to cultivate. To protect his dear Mom and big sister.

Pulling back slightly from the embrace, Zhao Tian's eyes softened and he raised his hand softly patting her head 'I'll protect you, Ying'er...' he spoke in his mind as he leaned in gently, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.

*gasp* Zhao Ying's eyes widened in shock by his sudden forehead kiss and her heart began to race wildly. *badump* H-Huh? Did I just get kissed on my forehead? he has never kissed me before... h-huh? Dream? 

She could still feel the lingering touch of the warmth of his lips on her forehead. Her pink eyes quivered in intense emotion as she glanced into his tender blue eyes captivating her.

A soft blush crept over her cheeks and her lips trembled uncertain of what to say and all she could utter was only his name "T-Tian'er?"

With a warm smile on his face, Zhao Tian gently tucked her pink hair behind her ear and playfully pinched her nose "Go and get ready. Let's go to the university..."

Zhao Ying stumbled out of her shock and her face turned an even deeper shade of crimson as she replayed the moment in her mind. Trying to shake off her embarrassment, she stammered, "I-I better go and prepare myself..." She quickly dashed out of the room at full speed heavily embarrassed and Zhao Tian just chuckled seeing her antics.


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