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What do you mean by there are cultivators in this world? And I have a heaven defying physique? Zhao Tian is living a normal life with his family including his mom and sister! But what will happen when he comes to know that this modern world he is living in is not normal and there are people who can use supernatural powers who are called 'cultivators?' He came to know that he has a physique that could even defy the mortal limitations of the heavens. From there his life changed with many women entering his life. And there seem to be a lot of secrets that lie within him that he doesn't even know himself. What will he do after knowing about his secret and origins?! ----------------------- The most important thing. NO NTR! NO YURI Dual Cultivation Yeah, there will also be r18 scenes, it will be marked as * and not every other chapter will be R18 Come and read it! At least try the free chapters man! The Mc is not a simp. He is cold toward his enemies and doesn't hesitate to kill them. He only shows his gentle side towards his loved ones and is very affectionate of them. English is not my first language, so there might be some errors and if you saw an error you can para comment it. I am constantly improving myself. The cover does not belong to me if you want to remove it. Let me know and I will remove it! Join discord: https://discord.gg/9HFT3TvXK9 500 powerstones = 1 bonus chapter 100 Golden tickets = 2 bonus chapters Big gifts = bonus chapters ------------------------ Incest Handsome MC R18 Big harem

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Meeting the old man!

While sitting in the classroom, Zhao Ying couldn't help but steal a glance at Zhao Tian, who seemed completely engrossed in his own thoughts.

As she reminisced about the morning kiss, a faint blush tinged her cheeks, and her eyes were drawn to his lips almost involuntarily 'Did he give me a sisterly kiss or...?'

Her heart fluttered at the thought of him loving her romantically and she couldn't help but smile 'Oh, the butterflies in my stomach are flapping their wings...'

Zhao Tian's blue eyes glimpsed around the classroom and he felt the astral energy in the air 'Now I can sense them, as Shenyi said the energy is low here...'

Thinking about Xia Shenyi he frowned his eyebrows 'I wonder why I didn't get stuck into this pendant again... only Shenyi got sucked in. Is it because of the golden tattoo?'

A small sigh escaped his lips 'I'll look into that in the evening... I still have other things to do here.'

At this time, he felt Zhao Ying's gaze on him and he turned to look at her "Big sis?"

Zhao Ying snapped out of her daze, "N-Nothing Tian'er..."

Mei Xiu who is teaching the class spoke "Highlight those things which are important." her gaze subtly shifted towards Zhao Tian and saw him talking with Zhao Ying.

As the teacher's voice resonated through the classroom, Zhao Ying hurriedly took the highlighter to highlight the words in the book. Zhao Tian lazily leaned on the desk and closed his eyes to doze off.

However, out of nowhere, he felt a chilling touch on his cheek and opened his eyes only to see Zhao Ying marking his face with the highlighter.

Zhao Ying's eyes were filled with tenderness as she spoke softly "Teacher said to highlight the things which are important to me. So I have to mark my precious little brother, right?" she left a small mark on his cheek.

Zhao Tian couldn't help but chuckle seeing her adorable silliness and with a playful gleam in his eyes, he gently took the highlighter from her hand "You are special to me too.." he spoke and wrote 'dumb' on her forehead in tiny words.

With a sweet smile, Zhao Ying gently brushed her fingertips against her forehead "You marked me too, hehe..." Zhao Tian laughed in his mind seeing her being clueless.

Meanwhile, Mei Xiu's lips twitched seeing the siblings playing with the highlighter in her class. 


Zhao Tian strolled casually down the long, winding hallways of the University reaching a specific door. On the door "President" is engraved on it.

*thud* He smiled and kicked the door open "Oi, Oldman!" he exclaimed stepping in. As he made his way inside he saw two people sitting around the big table, An old man was sitting on one side, and opposite to him another woman was sitting.

The woman stood up startled by the sudden noise, but seeing it was Zhao Tian, she frowned "Student Zhao, is this how you enter the room of the President of our University?"

"Oh, Mei Xiu... what are you doing here?"

Mei Xiu yelled frustrated, "Call me Miss Mei, Student Zhao."

But the old man stood up letting out a hearty and exuberant laugh "Haha, Tian... it's been a while." he exclaimed with genuine delight.

Zhao Tian chuckled and walked towards the table, "It's really been a while, Old man." The old man looked at Mei Xiu "Miss Mei, you can leave now."

Mei Xiu hesitated for a moment before responding "Um.. yeah, Mister President." As she uttered those words, she couldn't help but steal a quick glance at Zhao Tian, her mind filled with curiosity. Do they know each other?

As Mei Xiu walked past him to leave the room, Zhao Tian deftly extended his hand softly pinching her waist. *gik* "Kyahh!" Mei Xiu's body stiffened, letting out a cute voice and her face quickly flustered in pink.

"Y-You... What are you?" Mei Xiu shouted at him rubbing her waist in mild pain. Zhao Tian smiled "That's for always annoying me." looking at her angry blushing face.

Anger raised in her heart even more seeing him teasing her and at this time the old man, Li Jie intervened "Miss Mei, I told you to leave."

Mei Xiu was surprised that the President was in his favor, but she could only nod and say "Yes, President."

 As she left, Zhao Tian comfortably sat on the table and Li Jie just smiled wryly "Why are you teasing young women like them?" he asked sitting on the chair.

"Talking about her old man, how did she enter here as a teacher? Isn't she quite young for this job?" Zhao Tian asked curiously.

Li Jie let out a deep sigh "He lost her parents at a very young age. Since then her grandmother has been taking care of her. Mei Xiu is really a smart girl and topped the exams."

"Her grandmother is an old friend of mine and she asked me to give her this job. Mei Xiu also eagerly joined as she needs money to treat her Grandmother who is ill now."

Zhao Tian was quite surprised, he didn't know that irritating Mei Xiu had a sad side to her. He turned his eyes at Li Jie "Old man, are you trying to woo her grandmother in the name of helping her granddaughter?"

Wtf? -_- Li Jie looked at him blankly "Tian, do I look like someone who would do that? If my wife heard about this, she would beat me to hell..."

Zhao Tian laughed light-heartedly upon hearing this and Li Jie smiled dryly seeing him laughing "Tian, people of your age are getting love bites and lipstick marks... but you got a highlighter mark?"

Only then did Zhao Tian remember his sister's marking and rubbed his cheeks "It's my Big sis doing..." Li Jie laughed seeing him rubbing the highlighter mark.

"Well, this superhuman has come to see me... any important news?" Li Jie asked leaning back leisurely on the chair.

Zhao Tian gave a nod "A very important thing." Hearing his serious voice, Li Jie squinted his eyes "What is it, Tian?"

"I am asking you this because you have lived more years than me and have more experience... Oldman, Do you know about the existence of Cultivators?"

Li Jie was taken aback, his eyes widening in surprise, but then a chuckle left his lips "Seems like you also know some secrets of this world... haha."

Zhao Tian looked at him with a frown "You know about this before, but you have never talked about this with me..."

"Secrets are called secrets because they shouldn't be told to anyone, Tian." Li Jie spoke with a little shrug of his shoulders.

"Spill the secrets now, I want to know about these cultivators in our world!" Zhao Tian spoke narrowing his eyes.

A weary sigh left Li Jie's lips "Since you know about their existence, it is really not a secret anymore."

"You don't know Tian, but I am a retired war veteran." Li Jie said with a smile.

"You've been in the military?" Zhao Tian asked in amusement. Li Jie laughed "Those are old times, Tian. Working tirelessly to join the military and ranking up in the hierarchy."

"I reached the General position and was told about the secret of this world which was known only to the high officials of the military and government."

"There are people called 'cultivators' who exist in this world and they can use supernatural powers!"


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