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What do you mean by there are cultivators in this world? And I have a heaven defying physique? Zhao Tian is living a normal life with his family including his mom and sister! But what will happen when he comes to know that this modern world he is living in is not normal and there are people who can use supernatural powers who are called 'cultivators?' He came to know that he has a physique that could even defy the mortal limitations of the heavens. From there his life changed with many women entering his life. And there seem to be a lot of secrets that lie within him that he doesn't even know himself. What will he do after knowing about his secret and origins?! ----------------------- The most important thing. NO NTR! NO YURI Dual Cultivation Yeah, there will also be r18 scenes, it will be marked as * and not every other chapter will be R18 Come and read it! At least try the free chapters man! The Mc is not a simp. He is cold toward his enemies and doesn't hesitate to kill them. He only shows his gentle side towards his loved ones and is very affectionate of them. English is not my first language, so there might be some errors and if you saw an error you can para comment it. I am constantly improving myself. The cover does not belong to me if you want to remove it. Let me know and I will remove it! Join discord: https://discord.gg/9HFT3TvXK9 500 powerstones = 1 bonus chapter 100 Golden tickets = 2 bonus chapters Big gifts = bonus chapters ------------------------ Incest Handsome MC R18 Big harem

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A weird woman!

As the morning sunlight began to peek through the curtains, Zhao Tian's white eyelashes blinked open, as his hand reached out to take the mobile from the nightstand. Glancing at the screen, the time was 6.45 am so he woke up and sat on the bed.

He opened the curtains letting the sunlight reach the room and with a yawn, he entered the bathroom for a quick refresh. Standing in front of the mirror, he brushed his teeth and also washed his face.

As he gently dried his moist face with the soft towel, he couldn't help but steal a glance at his reflection in the mirror and look at his handsome face. "Huh?" But he was startled by the figure standing behind him and it looked like a fucking ghost.

*woosh* Out of instinct, he quickly reacted and turned around punching right in the figure's damn face. *thoom* *thud* "Urgh, what the fuck?!" he heard a sweet female voice and was surprised. "Hm?"

His eyes fell on the stunning woman with luscious black hair standing in front of him, She delicately touched her reddened cheek, indicating a mild discomfort, which only added to her allure.

She is one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen. Looking at the red long robes, he was perplexed by her unique fashion sense.

His eyebrows frowned "Who are you? How did you enter the house?" he asked coldly. "You! why did you hit me?" The woman yelled back at him in frustration.

-_-' "Of course, anyone would hit a weird woman like you who enters the house without permission," he said, looking into her black eyes.

"W-Weird woman?" The woman spoke and at this time, the green pendant on Zhao Tian's neck shone brightly and he was taken aback "What's this?"

"Shit!" Looking at this scene, the woman leaped forward hugging Zhao Tian in her arms "Come with me and let me explai-" *woosh* Both of them disappeared from there.


Zhao Tian blinked his eyes open and in the next instant, he was in another place. He looked around in great shock, there was a huge lake in front of him. Its water glistened with pristine clarity, while lush green plains and towering trees enveloped its surroundings, creating an enchanting vista.

He was totally bewildered seeing the beautiful place... "Ah..." Zhao Tian felt a pair of soft fingers pinching his cheek. The woman pinched his cheek and said with a smile "This place is real not a dream..."

Zhao Tain looked at the woman who was still hugging him, "But how did I come here and this pendant..." he spoke looking at the green pendant hanging on his neck.

The woman took back a step from the hug "This pendant is one of the rare artifacts with spatial power. This vast world is in this small piece of pendant...amazing, right?" she said with a gentle smile.

"Artifact?" Zhao Tian took the pendant and looked at it deeply. Artifact? Like in those cultivation novels? he thought in his mind.

Seeing his clueless eyes, the woman frowned "With that power of yours, what are you doing here in this middle star?" she asked in suspicion.

"Middle star? Which star are you talking about?" He asked even more confused.

"Huh?" The woman was visibly perplexed. But then realization struck her "You... are not aware of the astral energy and cultivation?"

Astral Energy and Cultivation? Zhao Tian had a wild guess in his heart... D-Don't tell me that cultivation is real and shit.

His eyes again glanced around the surroundings and he also felt the air in this place strange filled with some unique energy. 

'This is not a dream and the woman also said that this pendant is an artifact... so cultivation really exists!' Coming to terms with the reality of the situation, he again looked at the woman.

"By the way, what's your name?" he asked and the woman grinned "My name is Xia Shenyi! and...you?"

"Zhao Tian..." Xia Shenyi nodded her head upon hearing his name 'Zhao Tian....hm... none of the great families had this family name' she mused in her heart.

"Let's go to my place..." Xia Shenyi spoke and began walking. A sigh left Zhao Tian's lips, he just woke up normally today and got to know that this world has cultivation and this energy called astral energy.

And a strange woman is in his pendant artifact who pulled him into another place and now he is walking beside her.

"That strange energy in the air, is that the astral energy?" Zhao Tian asked and Xia Shenyi nodded her head "En. That's the astral energy... but here it is denser than your middle star."

"You said that term earlier too, did you mean the Earth when you said 'star'?" Zhao Tian asked and Xia Shenyi raised her eyebrow "So your star's name is Earth?"

Zhao Tian squinted his eyes and inquired "Then you are not from Earth?" Xia Shenyi shook her head "I am from a high star far away from your middle star."

Then she is a fucking alien? Wait, there are other planets from Earth where human beings exist? Then why don't scientists couldn't find them? Is she even from this galaxy? A lot of questions swirled his mind...

But he kept that question aside for now and asked "What is this middle and high star?" Xia Shenyi looked at him in the corner of her eyes "So you really don't know about anything huh..."

"In a high star, the astral energy is much denser and almost every person is a cultivator... but when I came out of this pendant, I sensed a middle level of astral energy in the air, so there must be very few cultivators in your star."

Hearing this, Zhao Tian vaguely understood some things. So there are cultivators among him in this modern world. But why has no one talked about this and there are no such things on the internet?

"Seems like the concept of cultivation is hidden from normal people in your star..." Xia Shenyi spoke and Zhao Tian gave a faint and pondered over this revelation, his mind still engrossed with thoughts about it.

Soon they reached a large house built in old style and Zhao Tian was awed in wonder. Xia Shenyi chuckled in her mind seeing his reaction.

"Come in..." she opened the door and entered inside. Xia Shenyi led him inside a room with a small table and three chairs around it. "Come and sit..."

Zhao Tian went along with her as he wanted more information about this cultivation and stuff. As Xia Shenyi sat opposite him, sitting face to face... a deep sigh left her lips "But I am really glad, it's been a long while since I saw another human being."

Zhao Tian squinted his eyes "So, you've been living inside my pendant for a long time?"

Xia Shenyi's eyes darkened and her lips twitched "Living? Fuck... I was trapped in this space for... I don't know how long urgh!"


Xia Shenyi casually leaned in placing her hands on the table "Yeah... in my star almost everyone is a cultivator and they thirst for power. But I am more interested in artifacts and the treasures they hold."

"And that's when I got this pendant... I got really curious, because this pendant may belong to the old war which shook the whole realm. And while researching, I suddenly got sucked into it and since then I was living here."

Wait a fucking minute, at this time Zhao Tian realized something "Shenyi, do you know how to exit this place?"

"Hahaha..." Xia Shenyi giggled hearing this and shrugged her shoulders "Honestly I don't!"

The fuck? "Then I am also trapped here? But... you came out that time and I even punched you."

Xia Shenyi couldn't but chuckle and stood up from her seat. She came and sat in front of him on the table "That's because at that time, a space crack appeared and I just touched that out of curiosity and I came outside... but within few seconds I was sucked in again."

She extended her left hand and a small black pendant tattoo appeared on her wrist "See, this means I have bonded with this artifact and can't really leave..."

Huh? Zhao Tian quickly checked his wrist but there was no tattoo... but suddenly a golden tattoo of the pendant appeared indicating that he was also bound with it.

Xia Shenyi laughed seeing this "Seems like we are in this together and we are bound here forever... but why is yours golden?"

Zhao Tian looked at her blankly, who cares about the colors, now he was also trapped here forever with this beautiful woman.

A playful giggle escaped her lips seeing his blank stare "Well, I am quite happy.. since I won't be alone anymore."

She leaned towards him bringing her face closer to his and whispered "And Zhao Tian, um, I'll call you Tian... Since we are gonna be alone forever how about we get married and start a new family here?"

Hearing her teasing, Zhao Tian spoke "You want me to punch you again?"

Xia Shenyi playfully pouted her lips "You are very rude to a woman.... but I am half serious. You look very handsome and your physique is top-notch. If we are really gonna be alone together here... I don't mind marrying you."

"If the women in high stars came to know about your physique they would pounce on you...haha."

Huh? Zhao Tian's eyebrows creased into a frown "My physique?"

Her lips curled into a mischievous smile, as she playfully remarked "You are a mysterious man...Tian." she spoke as she pulled his white t-shirt tearing it into shreds. *treeekk*

With his upper body completely exposed, Zhao Tian could only sigh helplessly "What was that for?"

Xia Shenyi reached out her hand and her delicate fingertips made contact with his robust chest. In that moment, she couldn't help but marvel at the sensation of a man's solid physique beneath her touch "So this is how a man's chest feels like... heh."

Zhao Tian grabbed her hand "You are really weird..."

Xia Shenyi just smiled and spoke, "Let me show you a trick." As she spoke, a white transparent layer appeared around Zhao Tian's body and he raised his eyebrow "Barrier?"

"No, a seal!" Xia Shenyi smirked and *thrasshhh* in the next instant the transparent layer broke into pieces. "Urgh!" Zhao Tian clenched his forehead in mild pain.

"Now can you feel who you are? Tian?"


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