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What do you mean by there are cultivators in this world? And I have a heaven defying physique? Zhao Tian is living a normal life with his family including his mom and sister! But what will happen when he comes to know that this modern world he is living in is not normal and there are people who can use supernatural powers who are called 'cultivators?' He came to know that he has a physique that could even defy the mortal limitations of the heavens. From there his life changed with many women entering his life. And there seem to be a lot of secrets that lie within him that he doesn't even know himself. What will he do after knowing about his secret and origins?! ----------------------- The most important thing. NO NTR! NO YURI Dual Cultivation Yeah, there will also be r18 scenes, it will be marked as * and not every other chapter will be R18 Come and read it! At least try the free chapters man! The Mc is not a simp. He is cold toward his enemies and doesn't hesitate to kill them. He only shows his gentle side towards his loved ones and is very affectionate of them. English is not my first language, so there might be some errors and if you saw an error you can para comment it. I am constantly improving myself. The cover does not belong to me if you want to remove it. Let me know and I will remove it! Join discord: https://discord.gg/9HFT3TvXK9 500 powerstones = 1 bonus chapter 100 Golden tickets = 2 bonus chapters Big gifts = bonus chapters ------------------------ Incest Handsome MC R18 Big harem

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A small match!

*vroom* Sitting in the car, Zhao Ying hummed the lyrics of a song. Her lips gently whispered the lyrics and her head swayed in sync with the rhythm, fully absorbed in the music

With a smile on his face, Zhao Tian raised the gear and firmly pressed down on the accelerator, causing the engine to rev loudly. *vroom* *vroom* The speed of the car suddenly increased and Zhao Ying glanced at the speedometer and saw the numbers increasing with each second.

*thrrisshh* *vroom* The sound of the engine revving and the tires screeching was heard but she was not scared because she had absolute faith in her Brother's driving skills. 

She reached into her backpack, pulled out an apple, and looked at Zhao Tian "Tian'er, you want an apple?"

Zhao Tian smiled wryly "Can't you see I am driving...and why are you carrying an apple now? That's just so out of pocket."

Zhao Ying let out a playful giggle "Well, I took it from the kitchen while leaving..." she said and took a bite of the apple in her mouth.

Then she took the piece of the apple from her mouth and extended it near Zhao Tian's mouth "Here, you can eat now..."

Zhao Tian didn't mind that it was the bite she took and ate the apple piece. Zhao Ying smiled "Don't you feel happy that you got an indirect kiss from your sister."

"Yeah, I am really happy that I got an indirect kiss from the second most beautiful woman I know..." He said with a playful smile munching the apple.

This caused Zhao Ying to frown "Then who is first?" she narrowed her eyes glancing at Zhao Tian.

"Our Mom... she is so beautiful." Zhao Tian said with a fond smile.

Zhao Ying was stupefied hearing this but she couldn't refute that. Her mom is indeed beautiful with her silver hair and silver eyes. She also looks so young for her age.

Her mom has been taking care of both her and her brother since they were kids. They don't even know their dad's face.

They heard from their mother that he died shortly after Zhao Tian's birth and the two siblings were also not so concerned about him because there was their mother to look after them.

Even now they are mostly living with the money left behind by their dad. 


*vroom* They quickly reached the university and Zhao Tian parked the car. A woman looked at the car and walked towards it.

Zhao Tian and Zhao Ying opened the door and came outside. The woman approached them with a smile "Good morning, Ying..."

Zhao Ying glanced at her friend and smiled "Morning...Xing" The woman's gaze fell on Zhao Tian and she spoke with a little blush tracing her cheeks "G-Good morning, Zhao Tian..."

Zhao Tian showed a faint smile and nodded "Morning..." He then glimpsed at his sister "You can go to the class, I will join you later..."

"En..." Zhao Ying nodded and grabbed the woman's hand. "Come on Xing, let's go..." she said pulling her. That woman looked at Zhao Tian without even blinking and mumbled "He looks hot as always. Say, Ying...why don't I just become your real sister?"

"Fuck you, woman..."

"Y-You are so mean..."


As Zhao Tian strolled across the vast expanse of the campus, his eyes were drawn toward the basketball court in the distance. *thud* The rhythmic sound of a bouncing ball reverberated through the air and he could hear some people cheering.

"They are really active in the morning..." He muttered entering the basketball area. As he reached there, two young men wearing basketball jerseys walked near him "Morning, Tian..." x2.

"Morning..." He said with a smile dapping their hands.*cheers* Hearing sudden cheers, his gaze swiftly shifted towards a young man who had just skillfully scored 2 points jumping within the court's arc.

One of Zhao Tian's friends, Li Zhen sighed "He is a junior who joined just recently. Quon Chen...he also has good physical strength just like you, Tian..." he remarked looking at the young man who just scored.

His other friend Huang Li nodded, "But his talent is wasted, as he refused to join major competitions. I wonder why though..."

Seeing the fluidity of his movements in the court, Zhao Tian squinted his eyes. "Let me have a small match with him." the other two were startled hearing this "Tian? you are..."

"I just want to confirm something..." Zhao Tian spoke as he stepped into the court premises. As soon as the crowd laid eyes on the white-haired young man entering the court, an outburst of high-pitched screams filled the atmosphere. "YAAHHH!"

Huang Li laughed hearing the commotion "He is popular as always..." The players stopped and Quon Chen turned looking at Zhao Tian who just entered the basketball court.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise "He is?" One of his teammates spoke "He is our Senior, Zhao Tian..." Quon Chen was amused hearing his name "So it is him, huh... I heard about him." he mused aloud, his voice tinged with curiosity.

Zhao Tian walked in front of Quon Chen "Quon Chen, right...?" Though a little taken aback, he nodded back with a smile "Yes, Senior Zhao..."

Zhao Tian glanced at another player and he passed the ball towards Zhao Tian. Zhao Tian deftly caught the ball, bouncing it on the floor "Let's have a small spar... whoever first scores wins."

Huh? Quon Chen was taken aback by the unexpected turn of events, a sudden one-on-one? But they were playing a match right now... um Quon Chen looked around and saw other players exiting the court.

"So?" Zhao Tian asked and Quon Chen nodded with a sigh in his mind. 'Is he suspicious of me? I can't sense a spark of energy from his body. I hope Senior Zhao doesn't find out about me.'

Zhao Tian passed the ball to Quon Chen and the match began. *woosh* *thud* Quon Chen, effortlessly dribbling the basketball with the familiarity of a seasoned player, eyed the opposite hoop with a predator's focus

Zhao Tian, quick on his feet, shadowed his every move with fast reflexes, and Quon Chen as he entered the arc... In a swift motion, Quon Chen leaped into the air, aiming to secure a two-point score.

*swoosh* But Zhao Tian jumped even higher defending the ball and took the ball in his hands.

As Zhao Tian landed on the ground, his piercing blue eyes locked on the hoop positioned directly across from him. With a swift jump, he pulled up for a deep three-pointer, and skillfully released the basketball from his fingertips.

*swish* The ball spun elegantly, its speed reaching its peak, before gracefully descending into the hoop with a satisfying swish. *thud* The sound of the ball hitting the backboard resonated throughout the court, concluding the match.

Quon Chen was dumbfounded, his eyes widening in complete shock 'He scored three points from the opposite side of his net? What the fuck? And the speed and precision... I would not be surprised if he is a cultivator...but.'

Quon Chen again glanced at Zhao Tian 'Truly a superhuman!'

"OHHHHH!!" The crowd, appreciative of the unexpected basketball showcase, erupted in applause and yelled Zhao Tian's name. "As expected, Zhao Tian is the best!"

"Yeah, he is playing this well wearing casual clothes..."

But Zhao Tian had a deep frown looking at Quon Chen 'As I thought, he was holding back...' he presumed.

While playing. Zhao Tian noticed that Quon Chen's eyes were able to swiftly respond to his moves, yet his body movements did not match the same level of quickness. So he interpreted that Quon Chen can see through his every move but he is deliberately holding back his body. Why?

This was the first time Zhao Tian saw someone who was more talented than him in basketball. Quon Chen chuckled wryly "As expected of Senior Zhao, I can't beat you... haha." admitting defeat with a light-hearted laugh.

A faint sigh escaped Zhao Tian's lips and they dapped each other's hand. "You are really talented, why are you not joining competitions?"

Quon Chen smiled scratching his neck "I just play basketball for fun... but I am happy to hear your words, Senior Zhao."

"Well, it's your choice... Let's play again sometime." Zhao Tian said and walked out of the court. "Yes, Senior Zhao."

Zhao Tian again took a quick glance at Quon Chen as he left the Basketball court. 'He is so skilled, yet he is hiding it... Hm... I should talk about this with that old man.' With such thoughts, he walked towards his classroom.


With one hand in his pocket, Zhao Tian leisurely walked through the corridors. Seeing him some people greeted him "Senior Zhao..." "Zhao Tian." He gave a small nod with a smile.

And as he made a casual right turn in the corridor *thud* a woman stumbled upon him, causing her to lose her balance because of the force and fall to the ground. "Ah..."

Hm? Zhao Tian stood there in a little surprise as he glanced at the beautiful brown-haired woman and all the books that were haphazardly scattered around her.

He gently extended his hand "You okay?" he asked and the woman raised her head, "Where are you keeping your eyes..."

The woman was momentarily taken aback, a look of surprise crossed her face glancing at the handsome young man "Um..." Filled with a mix of confusion, she hesitated for a moment before extending her hand.

Zhao Tian pulled her hand, helping her stand up. "T-Thanks..." she spoke while simultaneously trying to brush off any dirt from her clothes.

A sigh left her lips her frustration evident and she again glanced at Zhao Tian "You have to walk properly in the corridor without bumping like this..." she said sternly with a little frown.

Zhao Tian raised his eyebrows, a little annoyed by her tone "Woman, It is your fault for bumping into me while carrying all those books..."

As he took a quick glance at her outfit "And what's with that formal attire? Why are you dressed like a teacher? Do you aspire to be a teacher or something? That's why you are dressed like that... practice?"

The woman's lips twitched as she listened to his sarcasm "I am not dressed up like a teacher. I AM a teacher... and my name is Mei Xue.. call me Miss Mei, you understood?"

"Yeah, sure I believe..." This woman looks young and she is a teacher at this university? No way...

Mei Xiu became furious and shouted in a slightly raised voice "What's with that I-don't-believe-you face? I-I really am a teacher..." 

Getting annoyed by her, Zhao Tian spoke "Just pick up the books and leave.." "Hmph..." Mei Xue huffed, clearly irritated by Zhao Tian's nonchalant attitude, and crouched down collecting the books she took from the library for reference.

Zhao Tian also gently bent down to pick a few books in the thought of helping her. Looking at the books Zhao Tian frowned, 'Isn't these books for our major?'

Mei Xiu quickly collected most of the scattered books and stood up. Zhao Tian also had three books in his hand. *bonk* He playfully tapped the stack of books against her head, emitting a soft *bonk* sound.

"Idiot..." He uttered placing those books on top of other books in her hand. Mei Xiu's lips twitched in annoyance "What is your name, by the way.."

"Zhao Tian it is..." He said and walked past her "Be careful on the corridors..."

"Zhao Tian.." Mei Xiu muttered his name under her lips as she stole a quick glance in his direction.


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