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What do you mean by there are cultivators in this world? And I have a heaven defying physique? Zhao Tian is living a normal life with his family including his mom and sister! But what will happen when he comes to know that this modern world he is living in is not normal and there are people who can use supernatural powers who are called 'cultivators?' He came to know that he has a physique that could even defy the mortal limitations of the heavens. From there his life changed with many women entering his life. And there seem to be a lot of secrets that lie within him that he doesn't even know himself. What will he do after knowing about his secret and origins?! ----------------------- The most important thing. NO NTR! NO YURI Dual Cultivation Yeah, there will also be r18 scenes, it will be marked as * and not every other chapter will be R18 Come and read it! At least try the free chapters man! The Mc is not a simp. He is cold toward his enemies and doesn't hesitate to kill them. He only shows his gentle side towards his loved ones and is very affectionate of them. English is not my first language, so there might be some errors and if you saw an error you can para comment it. I am constantly improving myself. The cover does not belong to me if you want to remove it. Let me know and I will remove it! Join discord: https://discord.gg/9HFT3TvXK9 500 powerstones = 1 bonus chapter 100 Golden tickets = 2 bonus chapters Big gifts = bonus chapters ------------------------ Incest Handsome MC R18 Big harem

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A normal day!

*creek* Pushing the door open, a woman wearing a casual t-shirt and half pants entered a dimly lit cozy bedroom. She stepped inside and a soft sigh left her lips as her pink eyes fell on a handsome young man who was sleeping on the bed. 

The woman shook her head helplessly and walked near to the bed "Tian'er!" she softly called looking at the white-haired young man. 

She sat on the edge of the bed, her hands gripping his shoulders tightly as she playfully jostled him. "Come on, lazybones, get up!"

Feeling someone shaking him, his white eyelashes fluttered open revealing his blue eyes. He opened his eyes and saw the pink-haired woman sitting on the bed looking at him "Big sis..."

Zhao Tian closed his eyes and rolled on the bed hugging the pillow "What time is it..." he muttered sleepily. The woman took the phone from the nightstand and said "It is already 7, so get up quickly..."

"Already seven?" Zhao Tian swiftly snapped out of his sleep-induced daze and sat up on his bed, tossing off the cozy quilt. With his fingers, he gently combed back his white hair which cascaded on his face.

He glanced at his sister Zhao Ying who had already unlocked his phone and was using insta. With a smirk, he swiftly grabbed her waist from behind and Zhao Ying was startled by the sudden grab "N-Not again...Ahhhh"

"German Suplex!" He said, effortlessly sending Zhao Ying flying through the air and crashing onto the soft surface of the bed. *thud* "urgh.." She groaned, her hand instinctively reaching to soothe the slight ache in her back.

Meanwhile, Zhao Tian, filled with satisfaction, rose from the bed with a carefree chuckle.

Seeing her brother laughing, Zhao Ying's lips twitched "That damn hurts, you idiot..." she muttered in exasperation.

Zhao Tian, not minding his sister's insult, stretched his muscles"Haah..." He walked to the windows and pulled open the curtains allowing the warm sunlight to flood the room.

As the morning sun rays gently caressed his body, his mesmerizing blue eyes sparkled, mirroring the luminosity of the sunlight. Zhao Ying giggled seeing her Brother's antics as she sat back on the bed "Why are you acting like you are the MC of a novel or something..."

Zhao Tian tilted his head at her "You shut up, doofus..." Zhao Ying just smiled upon hearing his words. But she has to admit that he does look like an MC because he is just so strikingly handsome and has an impressive physique.

Zhao Tian quickly entered the bathroom for a quick refresh and brushed his teeth. A little later, he came out of the bathroom and began his short morning exercise.

He removed his white t-shirt and Zhao Ying could see his well-structured body with sturdy abs but what caught her eyes was the green pendant that was hanging on his neck.

Zhao Tian with a smile showed his biceps and asked "How do I look...?" Zhao Ying chuckled "Yeah, yeah... you look great!"

*puff* Smiling he playfully tossed the shirt directly at Zhao Ying's face and started doing a few push-ups on the floor. Zhao Ying's eyebrow twitched as she pulled the shirt away from her face "You really know how to annoy me..."

She descended from the bed and sat on his back cross-legged while he was taking pushups. Zhao Tian smiled wryly and continued taking pushups bearing her whole weight on his back.

Zhao Ying was not so surprised and ruffled his white hair softly "Your body is really strong, Tian'er. You have a great physique and even your wounds heal faster.. and you are so athletic."

Her body went up and down as Zhao Tian continued his pushups "You even excel at studies with your big brain. You have good eyesight... It's just like you have a peak human body. I am envious..." she said scrolling through his phone.

But her finger which was scrolling the screen suddenly stopped and a displeasure frown appeared on her face "This bitch... why has she sent a message to you."

Zhao Tian didn't stop his pushups and asked "Haah, Who?"

"That bitch Chi Xue in our class..." Zhao Ying said in disgust. 'Why is she sending messages to my brother? Doesn't she have any other guys? Fucking bitch!'

[Hello, Zhao Tian...]

[This is Chi Xue, we are in the same class, do you know me?]

'Is she trying to flirt with my Tian'er? damn woman! I won't give my brother to you.' She cursed her in mind and left the message on read. "Hm? Chi Xue... might have messaged me after I slept." Zhao Tian said.

Zhao Ying couldn't help but roll her eyes "What should I do with the message? I already opened it...."

"Hm? Do as you wish... leave it on read maybe," he suggested casually. Hearing this, Zhao Ying's expression softened, and a warm smile slowly formed on her lips. With a playful glint in her eyes, she gently ruffled his hair even more. 'My cute little brother! hehe'

*tap* At this time, another woman entered the room "Ying'er, how many times have I told you not to disturb Tian'er?" she asked in a soft tone looking at Zhao Ying riding on top of Zhao Tian while he was exercising.

Zhao Ying raised her head from the phone and saw a gorgeous silver-haired woman with silver eyes, standing on the doorstep wearing an apron around her clothes. "Good morning, Mom..."

Zhao Suyin entered the room, a warm coffee mug in hand, emitting fragrant steam "Good morning, Tian'er..." she said with a fond smile looking at Zhao Tian. "Very good morning....Mom."

-_-' Zhao Ying looked at her mom dumbfounded as she was completely ignored. *tak* Zhao Suyin placed the coffee mug on the computer table at the side "Tian'er, your coffee is here... Drink it after exercising, okay?" she spoke affectionately like a mother.

Zhao Ying sighed and asked "Mom, coffee for me?" "Huh?" Zhao Suyin glanced at Zhao Ying with a little frown "Ah, I forgot you were also here, Ying'er... you can come and take it from the kitchen!"

"GAH!!" Zhao Ying's mouth dropped "T-This is really unfair. I am the oldest child... but why am I getting treated like a middle child?" she yelled looking at her Mom.

Zhao Suyin chuckled and left the room with a teasing smile. Zhao Ying pouted her lips but she also knew that her mom loves teasing her like this.

"Get down, Sis..." Zhao Tian said and with a nod, Zhao Ying got down from his back as she made her way towards the coffee mug on the PC table. She took the coffee in her hand and sat on the bed, scrolling through his mobile phone.

Zhao Tian shook his head helplessly looking at this and continued to do his exercises. 


Zhao Tian stepped out of the bath wearing normal clothes after a refreshing bath. He glimpsed at his sister lying on his bed using the phone.

He walked near her and pulled her leg "Come on, let go and have breakfast..." "Ah..." Zhao Ying nodded and stood up on the bed. "Tian'er.." she called him softly opening her arms.

Zhao Tian chuckled and went in front of her showing his back. Zhao Ying couldn't help but smile as she playfully hopped onto his back, and without missing a beat, Zhao Tian swiftly caught her, supporting her body while she wrapped her legs around his waist. 

She entangled her arms around his neck resting her head on his shoulder "Let's go little brother." This caused Zhao Tian to chuckle "I always feel like I am the older one... giving you piggyback like this."

Wrapping his neck softly, she brushed her cheek with his cheek. "This is my way of spoiling you, my cute little brother." she affectionately said.

As Zhao Ying was wearing half pants, Zhao Tian grabbed her bare thighs "Yeah, yeah... i know." His finger gently pressed into the softness of her thighs, while the motion caused her breasts to lightly brush against his back.

He walked out of the room and strolled down the stairs carrying her. Zhao Suyin from the kitchen peeked out and saw Zhao Tian and Zhao Ying in the hall.

She came with another coffee mug in her hand "I know Ying'er must have drank your coffee...here is your coffee dear... and wait for a while the breakfast will be ready soon."

Zhao Ying got down from his back settling on the couch. Zhao Tian nodded his head "Yes, Mom..." he said with a smile taking the cup in his hand.

Zhao Suyin smiled back softly and went to the kitchen. "How understanding our Mom is..." Zhao Tian said fondly, sitting beside Zhao Ying.

Zhao Ying gently leaned on his shoulder looking at the phone. Her finger momentarily stopped as she saw a post "Tian'er, this game tournament... are you joining?"

Zhao Tian took a sip of his coffee, glimpsed at the photo, and gave a small nod "Yeah, it's tomorrow...The prize is quite huge."

"Heh..." Zhao Ying smiled upon hearing this "Then you will surely win. With your powerful eyes and reflexes, it is easy peasy for you..."

Zhao Tian smiled, he often plays the famous PvP shooting game and joins the tournaments, winning whooping amounts of money.

A little later, Zhao Suyin walked into the hall "The breakfast is ready... Eat and get ready for the University dears..."

Zhao Ying took her head from Zhao Tian's shoulder and ran into the kitchen "Me first.."


Zhao Tian walked down the stairs wearing a casual sweatshirt and pants. Zhao Ying came out of her room and tossed the keys at Zhao Tian "Tian'er."

He caught the car keys and looked at Zhao Ying with a frown "You are again wearing my hoodie..."

Zhao Ying shrugged "Your hoodies look cool and it feels comfortable wearing them." She always dresses neatly hiding her skin. The men already look at her for her beauty and she doesn't want other men ogling at her body.

"You shouldn't complain about it since I am carrying your books too...hmph" Zhao Ying pouted and Zhao Suyin sitting on the couch laughed watching them.

Zhao Tian let out a weary sigh and stepped out of the home, walking to the garage. Zhao Ying showed her tongue at him and glimpsed at her mother "Mom, see you later..."

Zhao Suyin nodded her head "Yes, dear... be careful on the way..."

"Yes, Mom.. bye!!"


*vroom* Zhao Suyin standing near the doorstep watched as the car left their home through the front gate.

A contented smile appeared on her face as she walked in. She swiftly sat on the sofa taking the phone in her hand "Tian'er said he is again joining the game tournament..."

"I should also learn this game so I can spend some time with him... it's been a while since I spent some family time with them," she muttered softly as she unlocked the phone.

However, her gaze was drawn to the photo app and she tapped on it. She scrolled down and saw an image in there.

Various emotions flooded her mind seeing the person's image and her eyes moistened thinking about the past. *sniff* But she composed herself by taking a deep breath and gently wiping away the small tears that had formed in her eyes.

"You gave a family to me... see now my life is like this.." She murmured in sadness as she gazed upon the image.

But then a sigh escaped her lips and she smiled "But this life is also not bad."


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