1 Evolution of the Useless Pet

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"The admission day of the Beast Taming Academies will arrive soon. It will be in five days."

"In the next five days, you have to be fully prepared. Don't fail to get into your ideal Beast Taming Academy."

In a classroom in the school, after the teacher finished speaking, class ended.

The classroom was instantly filled with wails.

"Why is the admission day so soon? I'm not mentally prepared yet."

"That's right. With my current level, forget about the three best Beast Taming academies, it's already not bad that I can get into any one."

"If I can't even get into the worst academy, I can only start working in a factory."

Ye Fan remained silent in the classroom.

Hearing the discussions around him, he couldn't help but sigh. It had been over twenty days since he had transmigrated to this world. It had taken Ye Fan a very long time to completely digest this physical body's memories and understand this world.

This world belonged to the demons.

Humans could only hide in cities in safe areas and rely on Beast Tamers to protect themselves and resist the invasion of monsters. Therefore, in this world, Beast Tamers were the most important identity and the most popular profession.

Beast Tamers shouldered the responsibility of protecting others and enjoyed better treatment than ordinary people.

Beast Tamer was a profession that everyone dreamed of.

Ye Fan was the same.

Unfortunately, this world was cruel.

When anyone reached adulthood, they would obtain a Beast Taming Egg with a monster inside as their beast. Whether the Beast Taming Egg could hatch depended on their luck.

As for Ye Fan, he was an unlucky fellow. The pet beast he had painstakingly hatched was a cute little sparrow with extremely low innate talent. It was only slightly better than a trashy beast and had no chance of evolving.

Everyone knew that beasts with extremely low talent were the most useless. They wouldn't be of much help.

Not to mention how difficult their evolution was.

Even if they were lucky enough to evolve successfully, the strength they could unleash was minimal. Even the lowest-level pet was better than this. No matter what, it was simply a dream for a beast with extremely low talent to pass the assessment.

"It's one thing to transmigrate, but I didn't expect myself to be so unlucky here." Ye Fan sighed.

Su Li, who was sitting next to him, saw this and comforted him. "It's fine. If you can't get in, so be it. It's not bad to work in a factory. At least you don't have to risk your life."

Su Li understood Ye Fan's situation very well. It was almost impossible for him to become an ordinary Beast Tamer, let alone getting into the three greatest academies, namely West Eagle, Red Sand, and Infinity. At this moment, a loud laugh came from beside him.

"Brother Kai, isn't your beast a high-level Rank-1 beast?"

"With the high-level Rank-1 Foul Rock Monster, he is definitely going to one of the three greatest academies."

"Of course. Brother Kai is the best in our class."

"Brother Kai, don't forget us even if you get into the three academies."

In the middle of the classroom, more than ten students surrounded Xu Kai. All kinds of flattery made Xu Kai happy.

Su Li curled his lips sourly.

"Tsk, he just has a rich father who bought him a powerful beginner-level beast. What's there to be proud of?"

The Xu family was a family of the best Beast Tamers. They had been very powerful Beast Tamers for generations. Therefore, when Xu Kai reached adulthood, the Xu family's ancestor specially chose the best beast for him.

From the very beginning, there was a huge gap between him and ordinary people. Xu Kai had always looked down on ordinary students with his pet and family background.

Ye Fan and Su Li couldn't help but be looked down upon by him.

"In my opinion, Chen Xin from Class Three next door is the best." Su Li looked worried.

"Her pet is also a high-level Rank-1, but it's a Herculean Infant Dragon. As a dragon-type beast, in terms of combat strength and potential, it's top-notch. It's even stronger than Xu Kai's."

Ye Fan shrugged. Without saying a word, he turned and left.

When he reached home, Ye Fan sat in the living room and immediately communicated with his pet.

A blinding light lit up in front of him, and a Cute Sparrow immediately walked out of the void.

"After being kept for so long and fed with so many ingredients, it's still a low-level Rank-1 pet. No wonder everyone says it's a useless pet." Ye Fan helplessly shook his head. After hesitating for a moment, he took out a thumb-sized Black Essence Crystal and handed it to the cute bird.

This Black Essence Crystal was already all that he could afford.

"I hope you can successfully evolve after eating this Essence Crystal." Ye Fan helplessly watched as the adorable bird swallowed the Black Essence Crystal. However, even after he waited for a long time, the adorable bird showed no signs of evolving.

"It still won't work?" Ye Fan was disappointed. Just as he was about to think of another way…

A mechanical electronic voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

"Ding… Your pet has successfully reached the advancement threshold. It can evolve now."

"Please wait a moment. Your pet is evolving."

"This is… the system?"

Ye Fan was startled for a moment before quickly reacting.

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