I'm the Villainess in the Apocalypse

The anticipated engagement party turns into a broken engagement announcement and a notice of expulsion from the house. In one day, Anna lost everything. She accidentally activated a space and took the business’ supplies for revenge. But who would have thought that natural disasters will come? The world is changing and resources become scarce. So, the style of painting changed. When other people are scrambling to find something to eat, Anna was still cooking at home. When other people are fighting for food, Anna was lying on her bed while snacking her favorite chips. When other people are working hard to get some water, Anna was lying on her bathtub comfortably. The relatives came to the door for help. Anna only looked at them coldly and spat out, "Scram!" Her ex fiancé also came, asking for reconciliation and love. Her new man kicked him out of the door and slammed it shut. He then looked at Anna with a pitiful look. "Wife, do you not want me anymore? I'm easy to raise." Anna looked at the puppy like man and pulled him closer with a smile on her face. . . . It was only later she realized that the puppy is actually a big bad wolf... But the goods couldn’t be returned! … Notes: the cover is an AI image. I only edited it a bit.

SoraKeith · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
576 Chs

5. Why Are You Here?

The night passed by quietly.

But Anna felt that her head was about to split when she woke up in the morning. Looking at the piles of beer cans at the side, she sighed deeply.

'I'm not drinking again.'

It helped her to sleep, but at the same time, her head felt hurt. She didn't want to experience this again in the future.

Cleaning up, Anna took a bath and changed before putting all the beer cans on a trash bag and walked out to the lift. These trash cans have to be put in the first floor. Ann had a stack of trash bags at home, but she was thinking of buying more.

This way, she didn't have to come out to buy things so often.


When the elevator reached the first floor, Anna froze.

Why in the world is this b*stard and b*tch here?

"Anna?" Jake also showed a surprised expression. "Why are you here?"

"I should be asking that question to you," Anna replied calmly. She was clearly dressed in casual clothes and carrying a bag of trash can and he still asked?

Didn't he know that she had an apartment here?

When she thought about the fact that he might not even pay attention, there was a sting inside her heart. She forcibly suppressed it.

Because she knew that whatever feelings she had for him would be useless.

He will never respond.

With that, Anna looked at Betty beside Jake.

"I have an apartment here and there will be a party with Jake and other classmates to celebrate the New Year." Betty looked at Anna with a bright sweet smile. "You can come if you want to."

"No need." Anna had no interest to stay with Betty and Jake.

If she were to stay around them, she would only be forced to eat their dog food, which was something that Anna didn't want to. She had just fallen out of love, so there was no need to torture herself and see the faces of the two people who caused this.

Jake furrowed his eyebrows at Anna's cold words.

Looking at the young woman's expression of indifference, he had to say that he was not used to it.

He was about to say something when Anna raised the trash bag in her hand. "Can you please move so I can toss this out?"

"Ah, yes."

The two of them moved away and Jake's eyes followed Anna's movement as she headed outside.

Betty tugged his clothes. "Let's go up? The others will come soon."

"Ah, yes." Jake nodded and followed Betty's words.

Betty lowered her eyes and there was anger within. She had been trying hard to make sure that Jake will only see her. But why did he look in Anna's direction after the engagement has been dissolved?

She will never let Jake had any chance to get back with Anna.

No matter what.


Anna threw the trash can on the trash can and then walked inside. Upon seeing that neither Jake or Betty were there, she heaved a sigh of relief. She truly didn't want to see them again.

At the very least, before she could erase their presence within her heart, she didn't want to see them.

This way, she would not be affected at all.


The second elevator had arrived. There were two elevators in this building for the sake of convenience for the people who stayed here.

"Anna," Dylan greeted when he saw Anna.

"Dylan." Anna nodded in greeting.

The two of them were about to bypass each other when Dylan remembered something. "Oh, right. You might want to avoid getting out for the time being."

"Yes?" Anna had a confusion on her face.

"There's a trouble in Mr. Williams' warehouse last night. More than 10 billion worth of goods are gone." Dylan shrugged.

10 billion?

Anna had a blank look on her face. She never had that much money in her life and now Dylan is telling her that the items in her space worth that much?

Dylan saw Anna's expression and thought that she didn't believe it. "You can take a look at the news, it's reported there including the goods that are missing and their prices."

"Ok." Anna nodded.

No wonder she saw Betty not long ago. It seemed that the main reason why Betty came here was to avoid the limelight. After all, their residence would have been in chaos at this time.

In this apartment, the safety was still considered to be pretty good with Dylan's management.

At the very least, there would not be any reporters coming to make trouble.

"Thank you," Anna added.

"You're welcome." Dylan smiled and nodded at Anna before walking away.

Anna looked at Dylan's back and sighed deeply. The noisy and cute brat from back then had slowly grown up.

The two of them were of similar age, so they used to play together when they were young.

Why did they end up so distanced from each other like this?

Anna didn't remember whether they have any conflicts with each other, but they did drift away from each other with time.

'Forget it.'

Anna shook her head and thought about what she wanted to do. For now, let her be lazy at home.

She's not in the mood to do anything.