I'm the Villainess in the Apocalypse

The anticipated engagement party turns into a broken engagement announcement and a notice of expulsion from the house. In one day, Anna lost everything. She accidentally activated a space and took the business’ supplies for revenge. But who would have thought that natural disasters will come? The world is changing and resources become scarce. So, the style of painting changed. When other people are scrambling to find something to eat, Anna was still cooking at home. When other people are fighting for food, Anna was lying on her bed while snacking her favorite chips. When other people are working hard to get some water, Anna was lying on her bathtub comfortably. The relatives came to the door for help. Anna only looked at them coldly and spat out, "Scram!" Her ex fiancé also came, asking for reconciliation and love. Her new man kicked him out of the door and slammed it shut. He then looked at Anna with a pitiful look. "Wife, do you not want me anymore? I'm easy to raise." Anna looked at the puppy like man and pulled him closer with a smile on her face. . . . It was only later she realized that the puppy is actually a big bad wolf... But the goods couldn’t be returned! … Notes: the cover is an AI image. I only edited it a bit.

SoraKeith · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
548 Chs

4. An Old Friend

Anna drove back to her apartment. She tucked her jacket and mask back to space. Midway, she went to the supermarket and bought a lot of expensive alcohols. So far, the card that her father gave to her hadn't been suspended yet, so she simply squandered it with wines and alcohols.

Stopping in several places, she hauled a lot of these things before going back home.

Most of them were put in her space except for a stack of beer can that she carried back. She had just reached the age to be categorized as an adult, so technically she was not allowed to drink yet.

(The legal age in her country is 22 years old to drink)

But well, how many teenagers follow this rule?

In her country alone, there were countless people who would smoke and drink after school.

So today, Anna made an exception for herself.

Naturally, she had to lock herself in her bedroom to make sure that she didn't do anything stupid if she got drunk.


The lift arrived and Anna entered the lift. She clicked the 16 button and silently waited for the lift to arrive.

This time, the lift stopped midway on the 14th floor and a man entered. He showed a surprise when he saw Anna. "Anna? I thought you're at party."

"Uh, Dylan? Why are you here?" Anna asked back.

The man, Dylan, looked at Anna helplessly. "Did you forget that this property belongs to my family? I also have an apartment here."

"Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot." Anna laughed dryly.

Dylan is her playmate when she was young. The two of them went to different high school and hadn't met with each other much after that. But it seemed that the high school they went to were close to each other?

She was not very sure.

As a friend, Anna felt that she was not very qualified.

"It's fine." Dylan smiled back and his eyes swept across the cans of beers that Anna brought with her. He had a thoughtful expression on his face but didn't say anything.

The two of them hadn't contacted each other recently and it wouldn't be appropriate for him to pry her business.

"Um, which floor?" Anna asked.

"…16." Dylan looked at Anna with a blank expression.

Anna: "…" he's her neighbor?

This is the rich apartment, so each floor only has two rooms. All these years, he's her neighbor but she didn't know?

But she had never seen him before!

When did he move here?

"Our schedule should be different, so we didn't see each other. You also didn't stay here very often," Dylan explained as if he knew what Anna was thinking.

"I see." Anna nodded.


Two floors were very close. They didn't even have the time to talk about the past before they reached the floor where they were staying.

Anna pressed the button, so Dylan came out first before she came out.

"If you want to chat, you can just knock." Dylan pointed at his door. "I should be available to talk."

"Um, thank you." Anna nodded and swiftly entered her own room.

Dylan looked at Anna's back thoughtfully and took out his phone to make a call. "Hey, it's me. I want you to find out what happened to Williams Family's party tonight."


Slamming the door and then locked it, Anna headed to her bedroom and did the same. Several doors were all locked together.

She looked at the cans of beers and gritted her teeth before downing them one by one.

People said that drinking alcohol is the best way to vent their feelings.

But Anna only felt dizzy.

Before she knew it, she passed out on the bed and sleep peacefully.

At the very least, she would not think about anything tonight…