I'm the Villainess in the Apocalypse

The anticipated engagement party turns into a broken engagement announcement and a notice of expulsion from the house. In one day, Anna lost everything. She accidentally activated a space and took the business’ supplies for revenge. But who would have thought that natural disasters will come? The world is changing and resources become scarce. So, the style of painting changed. When other people are scrambling to find something to eat, Anna was still cooking at home. When other people are fighting for food, Anna was lying on her bed while snacking her favorite chips. When other people are working hard to get some water, Anna was lying on her bathtub comfortably. The relatives came to the door for help. Anna only looked at them coldly and spat out, "Scram!" Her ex fiancé also came, asking for reconciliation and love. Her new man kicked him out of the door and slammed it shut. He then looked at Anna with a pitiful look. "Wife, do you not want me anymore? I'm easy to raise." Anna looked at the puppy like man and pulled him closer with a smile on her face. . . . It was only later she realized that the puppy is actually a big bad wolf... But the goods couldn’t be returned! … Notes: the cover is an AI image. I only edited it a bit.

SoraKeith · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
583 Chs

3. Emptying the Warehouse

Anna left the mansion and drive to her own apartment at the fastest speed possible. Thankfully, the apartment was still in the rich people's areas and was not very far from the mansion.

Soon, Anna reached the apartment and took her backpack with her as she walked to the elevator and hit the 16th floor where she stayed. This is an 18 story apartment that was very spacious and expensive. Her mother bought the apartment here for her to stay when she wanted to when she was young.

There was no one at this time and once Anna reached her bedroom, she slammed the door shut and threw the backpack to the side.

Sitting on the ground, she cried.

All the emotions she held back just now were all poured out without stopping.

The memories when she was young in Williams Family were replayed within her mind. The days she spent with her father and mother happily. The time when she played together with Jake.

Everything came to her mind in this short period of time.

After venting her emotions, Anna took the tissues and wiped her tears and snot.

"You can't change anything with crying." Anna took a deep breath. She felt much better after crying and at this time, she was determined to lock away those memories. Because from now on, she will be on her own.

Her mother families were in different cities and it was not realistic for her to go there now.

It was already night time.

But night is also the perfect time for her to enact her revenge.

Anna took her handbag and rummaged through it before she found her mother's card. It was the pass card for various business in Williams Family.

The business that her father did has always been the joint work between her father and mother. Her mother has never been a person who was willing to stay quiet. She's a strong woman in the business world.

She always thought that the relationship between her father and mother was really good.

But now, she felt that her impression was completely shattered.

What was good?

Her father is not loyal to her mother and even brought his child with other woman into the family.


Anna took a deep breath and entered the bathroom to take a bath and changed her clothes.

When she came out, she was wearing shirt and jeans. Picking the black jacket, Anna wore it and pulled the hood. Looking at the mirror, it would be hard to recognize her but to be safe, Anna wore a black mask.

She took the jacket and mask off and put them into her handback.

When she came out, she was wearing the shirt and jeans.

It was only after she came out of the apartment and drove her car away did she put on the jacket and mask.

Her feelings had calmed down by now and there was no problem with driving for a long time. Thankfully, she had passed her driving lesson and could drive on her own or it would be difficult for her to leave in the middle of the night like this.

Soon, Anna reached the city's outskirt.

In order to reduce the tax, the warehouse and factories of businesses were not put in the same city. After all, the tax in her city was quite high and these businessmen wanted to get the highest profit possible.

They would think of various ways to do it.

One of them was to put their warehouse outside the city.

Looking at the long row of warehouse, Anna sneered. She parked her car outside the areas and then entered through the staff's passage with her mother's card.

Unlike her father who always stayed in the company all day long to manage the paper, her mother liked to do things on her own and work on the field. It was not uncommon for her mother to come and check the warehouse, so she could enter here without any difficulties.

Well, if her father checked, he would definitely find out about her coming here.

Anna looked at the door thoughtfully and then at the gate.

'That would do.'

She didn't bother to close the door and made her way to the staffs' room. After rummaging around, she found the common pass and then walked towards the warehouse. There were only a few security cameras here and since she knew their locations, she deftly avoided them all. Her mother gave her a lot of reminders about these things when she came a long time ago.

Thinking about her mother made her sad but Anna tried her best not to think too much.

This common pass was usually used by the staffs here to enter the warehouse and there was no names, so no one would be able to check that she was the one who opened it.


The pass could easily open the warehouse door and Anna looked at the piled up goods. It would be New Year soon, so these goods should be stocked for the New Year's sale.

That's good.

Let's see how he will sell the things when he found out that a lot of things were lost.

Anna put the items in front of her into her own space. For some of them, she put them with the boxes together but some others were only put the contents because the contents were still boxed inside.

This way, the warehouse would not look so empty.

But if one were to check it, they would know that these boxes were all empty.

'Will they know about it in the future?'

Thinking about these items piled in her space, the corner of Anna's mouth curled up. No matter how her father tried to find the evidence, he wouldn't find it.

After clearing this warehouse, Anna moved to the other warehouse and did the same for all of them. The business in Williams Family involved a lot of fields, so there were various items here. From food, technology, to even tools.

Well, they were basically one of the biggest distributors in this city.

After an hour of moving around, Anna finally finished.

She was thankful that the space only needed her thoughts to put things inside. Because if she had to touch each and every single item, she might need to stay here for the entire night.

Anna walked to the door and looked at the locked gate.

The security guard was nowhere to be seen.

From her guess, he must have gone to watch the soccer competition in the TV. It was almost the end for the winter season and many men liked to stay overnight to watch these things.

Anna didn't like it.

She just knew about it.

It would take at least a few hours before the security guard returned, so she moved inside and looked at the panel. She pulled her jacket to cover her fingers before pressing the button.


The gate is now wide open.

After doing it all, Anna walked back towards the staff passage that she left open.

With all the warehouse and even the gate open, she wondered whether this will cause chaos in the morning later…

Hopefully, someone will come.

Anna silently left.

What she didn't know was that there were a lot of people who didn't like Mr. William. When they heard the news that the warehouse gate was left open…

It was time for them to make trouble.