I'm the Villainess in the Apocalypse Book

novel - Sci-fi

I'm the Villainess in the Apocalypse


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The anticipated engagement party turns into a broken engagement announcement and a notice of expulsion from the house. In one day, Anna lost everything. She accidentally activated a space and took the business’ supplies for revenge. But who would have thought that natural disasters will come? The world is changing and resources become scarce. So, the style of painting changed. When other people are scrambling to find something to eat, Anna was still cooking at home. When other people are fighting for food, Anna was lying on her bed while snacking her favorite chips. When other people are working hard to get some water, Anna was lying on her bathtub comfortably. The relatives came to the door for help. Anna only looked at them coldly and spat out, "Scram!" Her ex fiancé also came, asking for reconciliation and love. Her new man kicked him out of the door and slammed it shut. He then looked at Anna with a pitiful look. "Wife, do you not want me anymore? I'm easy to raise." Anna looked at the puppy like man and pulled him closer with a smile on her face. . . . It was only later she realized that the puppy is actually a big bad wolf... But the goods couldn’t be returned! … Notes: the cover is an AI image. I only edited it a bit.