17 Senior Brother, I Made It!

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The next day.

There were two things that shocked the entire world of cultivation.

The first was when Zenith Heaven's Lu Changsheng was conferred the title of Eldest Senior Brother, he recited the dictum of Saints, causing the Literary Saint statue to resonate and bring about a phenomenon. The Literary Arts Star buzzed nine times to bestow him the title of Literary Saint. With the help of Lu Changsheng, Li Zheng gained a new lease of life from the enlightenment and became a Top Scholar between Heaven and Earth.

This caused quite a great stir in the entire world of cultivation.

Some believed that Zenith Heaven would become the most powerful sect for at least a hundred thousand years because of Lu Changsheng.

Others believed that all the righteous sects would thrive together for ten thousand years because of Lu Changsheng, the Son of Heaven and Earth.

Meanwhile, another thing also caught many cultivators' attention.

This was the second surprise. To promote dharma, Master Xuan Xin from the small Leiyin Temple in the western desert, initiated a debate with all the sects studying Dao in Middle-Earth. Within a day, Master Xuan Xin defeated three celestial lands.

These two things were currently the most heated topics for discussion among all cultivators.

They knew that Master Xuan Xin was going to visit Zenith Heaven, and it was such a coincidence that Zenith Heaven just recently produced a Saint Scholar.

The debate would be extremely amazing when it happens.

This was because the Saint Scholar was the incarnation of a Daoist deity, meanwhile the Holy Monk was the incarnation of Buddha.

Before the debate officially started, many cultivators were already looking forward to it.

This wasn't just merely a simple debate; instead, this was a contest between Daoism and Buddhism.

This contest mattered so much that the entire world was waiting for it to happen.

Many major sects sent disciples to Zenith Heaven to witness the debate.

At this time.

In Zenith Heaven.

On the main peak.

This was Lu Changsheng's new home.

He was surrounded by the flowing Qi of Yin and Yang, embraced by the elegant cranes. With the welcoming purple auspicious air coming from the east, this place was like paradise.

Now, Lu Changsheng had officially become the sect's Eldest Senior Brother.

Because of his title, he was given such a nice place to stay at. The previous red hill was just his temporary residence. If he really did remain in the red hill, it would become a joke to others as it was too inappropriate.

In front of the palace, there were twenty to thirty disciples respectfully waiting for Lu Changsheng on the square.

They were all descendants of the leaders in Zenith Heaven, this also included the son of the head of Sword Hall, the son of the head of Moral Hall, and the granddaughter of a Senior Elder.

To put in simple terms, all of them had very strong backgrounds in Zenith Heaven.

Of course, in front of Lu Changsheng, they were nobodies.


The palace gate was slowly pushed open.

Together, they raised their heads and looked at the man behind the gate.

A beam of light from the setting sun fell upon Lu Changsheng.

Even though it seemed like Lu Changsheng had just woken up, he still looked elegant.

He cast a glance at the disciples waiting for him.

And then, he let out a sigh.

He felt kind of bad once he saw them.

He kind of wondered how their parents would feel if they realized he just reached the Qi Refining stage.

"Respect to Eldest Senior Brother." Liu Qingfeng saluted first, he was then followed by the rest of the disciples.

Their formalities were perfect.

"Let's skip the formalities," said Lu Changsheng.

He carefully looked at the disciples one by one after walking out of the palace.

There were twenty-one disciples in total, seven females and fourteen males.

Lu Changsheng thought to himself for a while before saying, "My Uncle-masters sent all of you here to study the Dao after me, however, I have to make things clear first.

"When it comes to cultivation, I firmly believe in; more haste, less speed. I will not teach you traditional cultivation techniques. If you don't agree with this, you can step out right now."

Lu Changsheng knew why these outstanding disciples were gathered in front of his palace. They were all here to be influenced by Lu Changsheng's celestial aura.

However, Lu Changsheng had no idea how to teach them at all.

He was utterly good at nothing other than impressing others using his appearance.

So now, he could only rely on his eloquence.

They really had to believe his words.

If they didn't, Lu Changsheng would have a reason to directly send them away.

"We'll follow your instructions." The disciples were very surprised upon hearing what Lu Changsheng just said.

But since they were all fed up with the traditional way of cultivation. Trying something new wasn't bad at all.

"Now, I'll tell you all what to do." Lu Changsheng nodded in satisfaction.

He turned to the disciple standing close to him and then asked a series of questions, "Answer my questions: How many years have you been cultivating? Which stage have you reached? What are you good at? Who's your father? How many properties does your family own?" Lu Changsheng's tone was gentle and mild.

"My name's Wang Ye, I've been cultivating for twelve years and have reached the Foundation Establishment stage. My father's Wang Zhong, the head of the Record Hall. I'm good at using the sabre. I don't know how many properties my family have…" Wang Ye answered carefully.

"I see. Everyday, go to Mountain Qiong on foot and collect fifty kilos of firewood. You aren't allowed to use any incantations. When you come back with two hundred and fifty kilos of firewood, I'll teach you your cultivation method." Lu Changsheng set quite an easy one for Wang Ye.

"What? Senior Brother, are you making me collect firewood because I'm good at using the sabre? Seriously?" Wang Ye didn't expect this at all.

Collecting firewood has always been the job for the servants in the sect. Wang Ye wondered why he was tasked to do this.

"If you don't want to do it, you can leave now." Even though Lu Changsheng looked rather calm, his face looked prominent.

Wang Ye flinched, he then put on an embarrassed smile. "No, I'm not saying that. I was just surprised."

Although he wasn't happy with this arrangement at all, but as he was facing Lu Changsheng, the Saint Scholar, he couldn't say no.

"Next!" Lu Changsheng called out.

"My name's Zhang He. I've been a cultivator for fourteen years. My father, Zhang Ning, is the head of the Penalty Hall. I'm good at tracing and tracking. My family doesn't have any properties," Zhang He replied.

"I see. Everyday from three to five o'clock early morning, go to the front gate of the sect and take down the detailed information of every visitor. When you are done collecting information for nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine visitors, I'll teach you your cultivation technique. You have to do this on your own," Lu Changsheng told Zhang He.

"Senior Brother, are you asking me to guard the gate?" While looking at Lu Changsheng, Zhang He felt slightly wronged.

He was here to study Dao, but now, he was made into a gatekeeper.

"You don't have to do it if you don't want to," Lu Changsheng's short response made Zhang He shut up.

"You will need to clean up all the leaves on the ground in front of the palace physically. When no leaves are left by sunset, I'll teach you.

"You will need to wipe the entire palace using one bucket of water. When the palace is dustless and the bucket of water is crystal clear, I'll teach you.

"You will need to go to the nearby town and do a good deed every day. You shall not leave your name. You shall not force your good intention upon others. When people recognize you, I'll teach you.

"You will need to hide your name and live the life of a servant disciple. When you make yourself an Inner Sect disciple with your own efforts, I'll teach you.

"You will need to ring the bell three times a day. When the bell rings on its own, I'll teach you."

Lu Changsheng gave instructions to each and every one of them.

Every task seemed to be simple and eccentric at first glance, but they were actually extremely difficult to do.

For example, cleaning up all the leaves on the ground before sunset was an impossible task.

This was also for wiping the entire palace while making sure the water was still crystal clear.

The disciples were quite perplexed, but they didn't say anything.

Otherwise, they would be sent back home.

Before they came here, the senior members in their families warned them; if they were to be kicked out by Lu Changsheng, they would be expelled from their families.

The opportunity to study under the Eldest Senior Brother of the sect was so rare after all.

At this time.


"I made it Senior Brother!" A voice arrived from the mountainside.

Lu Changsheng was slightly stunned upon hearing this particular voice.

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