1 Prologue

To me, life is extremely boring.  

It is something you experience for 100 years before it ends. However, the fact that people say that their youth was the best time makes me wonder. People said that I would look back on these years and smile but to me they are meaningless. When I was in primary school, I always assumed everyone had the same thought as me.  

I was mistaken.  

The people around me found a way to commit to something. Whether that be studying, playing sports, or playing video games. 

I did not see life the same way though.   

All I did was wake up have breakfast, take the bus to school, and then come back with work to do rinse and repeat until I would have to make it to a university. I did not hold any meaningful conversations with anyone as I did not have anyone to talk to, I did not even have a friend.  

Everyone around me has something while I am dull but to me everything around me is dull. It is all a colorless reality that I repeat. But the people around me are children with the illusion that they can live a happy life.   

But that will not be possible in this unfair society.   

I walked aimlessly and was confused as I did not know what to do. A reality that has a set of rules to follow, an unfair reality, and a tragic reality.  

To me, life is more suffering than happiness. While I am aware that life is not always joyful but to me, it was never joyful just painful.   

The thing that will liberate me from this life would be death.  

This was reinforced by the death of my parents. Strangely I did not feel sad or anything, but my brother cried a lot. But after their death my brother then became cold and distant until he did not talk to me.  

I do not know why I tried to make him acknowledge me. I got into the best school however he still ignored me. 

However, I then found something I could waste my miserable existence on. 

Web novels. 

To many, they are boring however it was something, wasn't it? 

Something that makes time pass until I die. 

That was what I thought until I found that one novel, that one novel gave color to my colorless reality.

[The Return of the Sword saint] otherwise known as [T.R.O.T.S] 

It was not anything special a typical weak to a strong story. The novel follows the story of a boy named Ashton who got a rare art that allows him to receive memories as a sword saint. His family looked down on him however he then started to make progress, but I suppose you know what happens next.  

Despite it being something predictable I liked it was something that felt like it was made for me.  

The background of the world in the novel was not anything too complicated. Somewhere in the late 1920s researchers found a strange place. It was like an ancient ruin. Then from that, a crack appeared in the sky releasing something called "mana." This caused many animals to go insane but, in a day, or 2, they transformed into powerful and dangerous monsters.

This was not the only thing as "alien life" as they referred to it came to earth. These "aliens" were races known as elves, dwarves, beastkin, and the Pantheons. This caused an all-out war as they attacked earth. Of course, by this time humanity has adapted to this so they were ready for battle.

However, released that there was not any reason to fight they stopped and made an alliance.

But then a calamity struck.

A giant portal appeared over what at the time was called Russia. From that portal, a giant dragon appeared with many heads resembling a hydra. The dragon was named "Tiamat" and the damage it had was catastrophic.

Millions of lives were lost however from tragedy a new light was shown.

[Installation of Gaia system has been completed]

[welcome Players!]

A screen resembling a video game appeared and with an increase in portals now named dungeons people found a new profession. However, thanks to mana tectonic plates moved and the climate changed.

The world was separated into 4 contents. One was entirely owned by the proud Pantheons while the elves took another with the Beastkin as they were both adept in the wilderness.

One was given to the dwarves and the other was owned by the humans.

However, the plot got more complicated when different dimensions came into play.

I looked at the screen of my phone with anticipation. Then a new chapter appeared. This was the epilogue of the novel.

This was also the time I was moving. I have accepted a high-paying job but I had to move. It was a coincidence that I had to move at the same time however it was kinda…sad.

I looked outside the train window and wondered what would happen after I finished the novel. My life would be normal after that and maybe I could find something else.

Honestly, I'm surprised it lasted for so long. This story had only one reader, me. Even though I tried to recommend it no one would listen and some said I was the author.

In total, this has 1,342 chapters.

However, I was disappointed and confused.

'What the hell?'

{Thank you for reading my novel}

"Huh?" I kept scrolling 'what the hell is going on?'

But I then received an email. When I checked it I was left shocked.

It was from the author.

[Thank you for reading my novel]

I froze for a minute but before I could reply another message came.

[As for being the only reader I want to give you a gift] in the message there was a link.

'This won't give me a virus would it?'

I clicked on the link nothing suddenly my phone turned off making me scared however it turned on again. I quickly checked just in case there was a virus but there wasn't leaving me confused.

But when I looked outside I was shocked. Outside the window wasn't the lushes green forest but the blue sea. From the water, I saw a creature that resembled one of those long-neck dinosaurs that swam in the water. It has blue scales and 2 horns on its head. Then more of them came.

'What the hell?'

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