997 What Would You do?


The rain fell hard, making many yell every time they spoke.

The night was dark, wet with no stars above.

The pirates felt the impending tension in the air while searching for the rogue assassin and the boy.

One of the pirates around the edge of the group, was currently standing still, with his arms on his waist, while catching his breath and looking heavenwards.

~Whooh... Whooh... Whooh... Whooh~~

He had never run so much in his life.

And the most annoying thing was that they hadn't caught the assassin yet.

So were they going to be running like this throughout the night?

His lungs felt squished up as if they would collapse and give up any comment now.

This was ridiculous and damn well annoying.

With his face still facing heavenwards, he closed his eyes briefly to enjoy the wet rain falling on his face.

It was calming.

Suddenly, his eyes opened wide, and his pupils dilated all too fast!


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