1706 This Is Just The Beginning

Many had stiff smiles as countless thoughts began flooding their heads. 

Firstly, who was his wife? And was he here solely for raging revenge?

One of the women didn't dare give up, blinking her eyes seductively and looking at Peetage as softly as she could.

"Pray kind sir, we do not know the wife you speak of."

"Yes, yes... we are people who love women more than anything else. So how can it be possible that we would bring harm to your wife?"

"Sirs, believe us! This must be a setup from our many enemies because poor weak women like ourselves can never go against strong, manly, handsome men like you."

The more they spoke the more the Witches regained their former confidence, especially after seeing that none of the men were stopping them from talking. 

It meant they were beginning to soften greatly right? 

Thinking like this, a wave of thrill and confidence washed over the group of elders at the back and nude women at the front.


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