1251 The Silver Fox Leader

Everyone glanced at their leader and secretly felt bad for their Brigade Commander.

Archangel Jonah. 

He was also a person who trained in the ways of the Shaolin. 

And honestly, no one told him to shave his head, but he did. He shaved it all, smooth and clean. 

In the barracks, they didn't per se shave their heads completely.

There were specific hairstyles that were allowed. 

And Landon had dictated what hairstyles that would be.

For one, he approved of hairstyles that looked like Captain Roy Mustag in FullMetal Alchemist. Or those like Maes Hughes, King Bradley or any that could always keep their hair in short ponytails.


These were medieval people who had long been fighting with their hair intact. 

So why tell them to shave it all off?

Even assassins, Pirates and the rest had long flowing hair. So why bother?

On the contrary, these people took their hair as an external limb of some sort.


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