999 The Muffin Man

Crow Face was taken aback.

He had never heard of such a language before.

Could it be that over the hundreds and hundreds of years since the Pirate Organization got established, they hadn't fully explored all places in this world?

Could there be an unknown continent that they were unaware of?

Even though they, as pirates, didn't speak all languages in this world, they could quickly identify what language was spoken just from listening to it.

So what was this?

Didn't this mean that the people they were facing weren't from the Pyno continent?

Then who exactly were they up against?

He had to report this matter to his superiors fast!

Of course, another matter that needed to be reported, were these strange products from the new empire called Baymard.

They needed to get permission from their superior in Morgany, who would then issue out missions for people to specifically check it out.


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