1625 Taming The Beasts!

Gnashing his upper teeth against his bottom, Kardinal Yu tightened his grip on the rocky crown-shaped walls tightly.

Good Adonis! They are here!

Like ants climbing an ant hill, these damn metal monsters drove in from all directions.

Magnificient! They were truly extraordinary. Till now, Kardinal Yu was greedy to have them. However, the same sentiment wasn't shared when his men.

They stared wide open at the horrors before them. But before they could comprehend it all, a dazzling flash of light flickered, followed by the jerking sounds of his eardrums threatening to burst.

Oh no!


Their faces went pale, especially after hearing the anxious cries of others. 

"They've shattered the gates!

Many felt their legs turn into noodles, their minds now blank as a clean sheet of paper. 

What? They have blown the gates up?

"Of course they have!" Kardinal Yu snapped, stating the obvious.


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