995 Son Of A B**ch!

Like the wind, Josh created great distance between them and their pursuers.

Very quickly, Josh arrived at the edge of a cliff that had fog underneath it.

Below the cliff was a deep abyss that looked like the gateway to the Underworld.

Even when standing here in the Summer, one couldn't fully hear the thunderous rushing water down below, showing how high up they were.

The cliff was more than 10 thousand feet up!

That alone could make the faint-hearted tremble.

But to Josh and the rest, they weren't that scared of heights.

They only hoped that the child wouldn't wake up and be scared to death.

"Edwin, Hoshen, gather the thick vines fast! Fast!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Very quickly, the duo cut a lot of thick, sturdy vines, intertwined 12 of them, creating a very thick rope.

Following that, they stretched and pulled the new rope as if testing its strength.



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