1623 Pleasure In Danger

Everyone's heart was drumming wildly in their ears.

Holy mother of pearls!

"She's a big one!" 

The driver gritted his teeth, rolling the steering wheel leftwards. But why did it seem that the 3 strange tornadoes that appeared were after them? 

Left, right, front, sideways... 

The vicious 3 danced intimidation, always advancing with determination. 


A wagon fell in front of them, causing the driver to turn sharply.

"Keep an eye on the skies!"

The tornados began randomly spitting massive broken pieces in all directions.

What sort of magical world was this Hertfilia? 

Landon wanted to file a complaint to the Goddess/God creator above. 

What the hell? Why did he feel he was in a real-life video game? 

Well, at least if he were to make a movie in future, he would know where to go for such realistic effects. 


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