1741 Plans For A Future Monarch.

Time flew by too fast.

Days and weeks flashed in the blink of an eye, with many not knowing where the time had gone.

4 A.M. 

It was still dark outside, yet Tilda was rolling restlessly on her bed. 


'There's no use trying.' 

Till now, she still couldn't believe she would be leaving for Dafaran in just 3 days. 

Once home, it might take years for her to return. 

'Now that I'm 16, Big Brother said the plan is to have me on the throne before I turn 18.' Tilda thought, massaging her fingers thoughtfully. 

She was already 16 years and 4 months old.

So at most in a year and 8 months, she will ascend the throne. 

It could even be earlier, if everything goes according to plan. 

Even then, she still might not be able to return to Baymard until another year when she has properly stabilized her position. 

Tilda couldn't help feeling the pressure of monarchy already pressing on her shoulders. 


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