1622 Payne's Pain

Artemis gripped his armrest. Seeing such results was frightening.

Flabbergasted? Stunned? Blown away? Shocked silly?

As a prince, who has graced the battlefield on several occasions and fought against assassinations and uprisings, he didn't know how he would fight such an enemy if he stood on the opposite side. 

'So this is the destructive power of the long nose vehicles?'

Artemis' mouth still hadn't closed to now, seeing the hellish horrors outside. Although he felt pity for anyone who faced such an opponent, it didn't mean he would turn soft and let the enemy go.

His Soma should have already experienced hell under the rule of these invaders. So what these Adonis people got, what they deserved!

Artemis took several deep breaths. "Impressive, brother... I have to admit your strength is far greater than I expected."


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