1002 Payback Time


The rain constantly poured In Fast Arms hair, making it stick together, creating silky-looking strands of hair parted out.

And as he kicked his opponent lying on the muddy grounds, his dark raven hair flipped back and forth, giving him a very domineering look.

~Splash. Splash. Splash. Splash.~~

The muddy waters accompanied Fast Arms' kick, coating Josh's entire body.

The pirates watched in glee as their enemy got repeatedly punched and stepped by the famous Fast Arms in their crew.

Damn. It felt good.

They also held reverence for him now because in their eyes, many had come up to deal with the assassin but ended up getting beaten and thrown away instead.

But Fast Arms on the other hand, quickly dealt with the situation, making them acknowledge him even more.

No wonder their Captain and a few other top crew members like Crow Face, typically gave more trust to Fast Arms.


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