1693 New Assignment

Camilla, the great beauty, now reduced to this level of living on the edge of desperation... Can you believe it? 

One of the--... if not the most dangerous woman in all of Titarian, was now forced into this state of mystery. 

Should she bow her head in fear because of her current predicament? No, she wouldn't!

Squaring her shoulders and standing tall, she slowly unsheathed her dagger and pointed it forward. 

"Show yourself. Who goes there?"

The stangant ones didn't move, and the only noises that could be heard were hers and the sounds of water dripping in the distance.

A layman might truly believe they were alone. But who was she? 

A rare female member of the T.O.E.P. 

Though it was possible for women to train and have their factions, it was still very possible in the organization. 

Most female members will only focus on their guard getting training, not wanting to train intensely and make their bodies masculine.


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