1843 Mirvanna's Future

"Alright, while we're at it, let's talk once more about your plans." 

Everyone nodded with stoic expressions, waiting for Landon to continue. 

"I'm sure by now, you all are aware of the 3 main semester systems used in Baymard." 

Winter semester: January 5th - April 20th (3 months, 3 weeks) 

Summer semester: April 26th - July 31st. (3 months, a few days)

Fall semester: August 3 - November 25th. (3 months, 3 weeks.)

Mind you, the semester periods also include the times they will write the final examinations for the semester. 

That said, the frost week of April was just next week, meaning classes will soon end within the first week of April, and then the students will get 4 days of rest before writing exams till April 20th. 

April 20th is the latest time frame for any exam to be held. 

Landon massaged his chin thoughtfully. 

For this year, Landon didn't want them to partake in any school activities just yet. 


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