993 Hidden Answers


Josh plunged through the woods alongside 2 others while carrying a child in his arms.

They panted steadily and peered through the shadowy forest from time to time.

Even with the clouds covering the moon and the Fall rain falling hard, the place wasn't entirely dark.

And as they ran, they could hear several loud so splattering footsteps behind, stumping on the muddy terrain while chasing them vigorously.

"They're over there! Don't let them escape!"


Josh turned around and caught a glimpse of a reddish shirt, making his face grim.

These people had been chasing them for a while now.

There were about 800 enemies and just 3 of them.

To be honest, if the enemies were around 100~150, Josh felt like he and his men would be able to take them on.

But they were a thousand. And that alone was something they couldn't handle.

So their best bet was to run as far as they could.


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