1628 Heaven's Fury

Payne accessed the matter deeply. 

The first underground floor was designed as such. But as for the other floors below, the prison formation was different.

No cells were placed along the outer walls—instead, the hallways circled the cells. Meaning the outer walls were along the hallways instead. 

Thus, the ventilation channels on those bottom floors ran along the outer walls.

All in all, the ruckus they made should have alerted the giants. 

So if no one has appeared or moved, it could only mean one thing.

Payne blurred his thoughts. "They are planning something."

With grim faces, everyone stared at the dark, gloomy hallway.

"When backed into a corner, even rabbits will know how to kill wolves... Keep vigilant. The plan remains the same."


Both Baymardians and Giants nodded. 

The group cautiously advanced through the dark hallway, leaning just a handgun of Baymardians to guard the doors and hall. 


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