1747 Hateful Change


Queen Abigail believed in her heart that her precious son, Balthazar, had a strong life and would not be dying anytime soon. 

Hiding her tears away, she regained her calm and warm demeanor, massaging his damp forehead softly.

The boy had screamed so much, he passed out again.

But with the healers by his side, everyone knew his breathing was steady and surprisingly, he was out of danger for the time being. 


Many released collective signs, staring at each other tactfully before slowly exiting the room while the healers took him out of the heated waters, wiping him clean and transporting him to his bed chambers. 

The Heir will live! 

It was amazing how he, who was almost pronounced dead, suddenly had a boost that would keep his life longer for the time being. 

Emphasis on 'the time being' since he was still critically ill. 


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