991 End Of Meeting: GoodBye Pyno, Hello Romain!

Sirius' eyes darted back and forth, deep in thought, as he looked at the design mechanism again.

He felt like bashing his head in the wall for his stupidity.

Maybe he was too busy with official matters and never had time to think of this?

No! That wasn't the case.

Landon here, even though he was so busy, still managed to always think of something new.

As expected of someone he looked up to.

Sirius was about to look up to the projection again, when a thought struck him.


He quickly gripped the document hard before doing some inner calculations in his mind.

And right on cue, Landon finished his brief presentation.

"Any questions or suggestions?"


Sirius ousted back his glasses excitedly.


"Just now, I think we can also cause more havoc by placing large quantities of black powder and shooting at the enemies."

Everyone's eyes lit up excitedly.


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