1842 Duty Calls

It's been 15 days since the birth of their little baby bumps. 

And while Landon loved them with all his heart, a part of him also wished they could grow up fast so he could take them outside 'in training,' and beat them till they forget their names or where they were from. 

Landon was aggrieved when seeing how little time Lucy now had for him. "You don't love me anymore." 

Lucy felt amused when looking at the grown man pouting pitifully beside her. 

"How can you get jealous of your own children?" 

"Hmph!" Landon scoffed. "The little troublemaker's haven't left your side since they were born. So clingy."

15 days, and these little devil's always cry when Lucy isn't around. 

Landon had no evidence, but felt they did it on purpose. 

So clingy! 

They wanted their mother 24/7 by their side. 

It was as if they could tell when she was exiting a room. 


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