89 City Plan

Right now, combined with the 2700 new recruits, Landon now had a total of 11,200 construction workers.

He wanted all 2700 recruits to start working on the sites, so that they could learn from the current workers there.

After settling them in, Landon withdrew 6000 workers from the construction site for his next projects.


Winter was coming, and Landon was sure that most of the medicinal plants would die from the harsh weather, if not properly cared for.

These plants were used by the doctors, to heal and treat their patients daily.

Hence, what Baymard needed right now was a Large greenhouse to continue growing these plants during the winter.

With that, Landon assigned 1,000 people from the group of 6000, to start greenhouse construction within the food industry.

These workers had previously worked on the sites, and had a ton of building experience.... So when Landon gave them the building plan, they immediately understood every single detail on it.

But what puzzled them was that this building would have no concrete floors or walls.... just 4 meter tall glass walls, as well as a glass roof.

The ground of the building was to be completely exposed.

What sort building was this? Who would live there? They even asked Landon several times if he was certain.

And when Landon had given his approval, they found that they suddenly didn't understand their king anymore.

Forget it... If their king said it was so, then it was so.

And from all indications, this building was going to be a very massive single floored one.

Generally, greenhouses over 3.5 meters normally allowed warm air to rise away from the plant's leaves, ensuring that the floor temperature would remain relatively balanced.

Hence a good height allowed for good temperature control and airflow around the plants.

That was why Landon decided to make his greenhouse 4 meters high.

The only parts within the greenhouse that would be cemented were: all footpaths, and 12 other rooms used for storing manure, garden tools, and so on.


Now that he had settled the greenhouse issue, Landon was left with 5000 workers for his other project.

Previously all Landon had been doing was focusing on the construction sites.

He had started making building fixtures like doors, floor tiles, and so on, just for the industries.

None of these products were for the resident homes.

These industries would be completed soon, so the floor tiles needed to be placed, the sinks and the light bulbs installed...duhhh.

Landon had planned that when the 3 sites began operating, they would only share water, electricity and heating amongst themselves.

This was to help the workers who would operate these plants, have a better understanding of these new industries.

During that time, he would personally train them on how to operate these industries. 

One doesn't just become an operating engineer without proper training.... That's why Landon had already made up his mind that the month of September would be used for training these operating engineers.

So now that these industries were nearing completion, he could finally begin with city Planning for the entire Baymard.

A while back, Landon had spent the entire 3 months (May to July) creating a detailed city plan for Baymard.

He divided the city like so:

•Upper Region

  ▪District A: Royal palace only.

  ▪District B: Military Station and Army Bootcamp, Marine, Navy, Air force and Coast guard Bootcamps, Police academy and so on.

  ▪District C: Main Police station, Schools, Courts, Main office for Baymard Bank, Education Bureau offices, Government policy Offices, School for nursery, primary, secondary, Medical and other important schools, Fire fighting Station, and so on.

  ▪District D:  Side branches for the Baymard Bank, Luxury hotels, amusement parks, Zoo, Sea world, Car stores, Malls, Main Bus station and so on.


•Central Region:

  ▪District E: Residential region for the original citizens of Baymard.

  ▪District F: Residential region for the refugees and slaves

  ▪District G: Regular hotels for visitors, bank branches, Baymard national park, Bars, stores, and so on.

  ▪District H (closer to the Entrance/exit of Baymard): Police station, Military branch, branch office for checking and issuing Identity cards, and other important outposts.


•Lower Region: For this region, Landon didn't want to divide it up into different sectors, as only industries would be set up here.


•Coastal region: Landon decided to divide this region horizontally from the beach... Hence each sector here, would have it's own mini-beach in front of it.

  ▪District I: Shipping dock and ports, Merchant stores and so on.

  ▪District J: Luxury beach hotels, and beach entertainment 

  ▪District K: Space which Landon just wanted to keep, between the other districts and District L. This space was to create ample distance between the other sectors and military posts in district L.

  ▪District L: Baymard Marine, Coast guard and Navy stations and posts.

All these regions within Baymard would have police stations for safety, gas stations, and other important posts needed.

Also, some of the districts would have bank side branches, and clinics as well.


After the month of May, Landon had basically allowed the construction workers to practice their driving skills and use the excavators to clear up the roads in the lower region, as well as some parts of the coastal region.

The workers had used these two regions as their practice zones.

How else where they to practice?

Even till this day, these driving classes were still going on, and were currently taught by those who had already mastered the classes.

For Landon, the workers could make mistakes in the lower region and maybe some parts of the coastal region.

But the upper and central regions were another story.

Those regions needed to be superb, leaving no room for errors.... Afterall in future, these were the areas were guests or visitors would see the most.

Currently, if one observed the lower region carefully, they would be able to see that some parts of the roads were crooked, while others were done carelessly.

Landon was just grateful that they hadn't started tarring the roads yet.

All that they had done so far, was clear up all grass and level the surface of the roads, in accordance with the road plan for those regions.

This problem could be fixed later on, but right now, Landon didn't want to do so because he knew that they would eventually fix it themselves when the time came for tarring the roads.


Presently, Landon had finally finished mapping out every road, administration building, residential house, and so on for the upper and central regions.

The workers were to start with District E, which would be the region were all the original citizens of Baymard would stay.

For Landon to complete the system's mission, he needed to successfully house all the original citizens of Baymard... not the slaves or the refugees.

That's why he wanted to start with District E.

Although the men were only to start road construction, they couldn't help but applaud his highness when they looked at the road plan.

There were more than 200 roads, that were constantly intertwined with each other, just within the District alone.

Landon had already given these roads, either street or highway names.

The roads that would be placed around every block within the residences were all single lane roads, with ample space for side parking.

For the major roads within District E, Landon had decided that they would have 2 lanes for driving. 

And finally, the highways that connected District E to District D (upper region) and district F in the (central region), where to have 6 lanes.

4 lanes for forward driving, and the other 2 for left and right hand turns. ... Of course, he also made enough space for bicycle and pedestrian walking.

And at some distance from the highway road, the train tracks would be placed there as well.

Starting road construction now would definitely help the workers know where and how, to place the pipes and cables for water and electricity.

Once District E was done, they were to move to other districts... And after the entire central region is marked, the upper region would be next, followed by the coastal region.

Landon had also completed the city building plans for Baymard, in preparation for when they were to actually started house construction.

These plans included markings for luxury villa's, future skyscraper resident buildings, large parking lots, and other important buildings within some District.

Although he knew that some of these wouldn't be built in the next 2 to 4 years, he still liked to map them out now.

Just looking at the map, gave Landon a clear idea of his future goals.


The sun was at it's lowest and the day had finally come to an end.

It was time to go home.

Tomorrow, he would assist the men with road construction.

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