1633 Chaos, Chaos Chaos

A devilishly handsome man sat in his private quarters, reading the letters sent by his subordinates.

His smile, though slight, was enough to cause a storm in many hearts, leaving many women breathless if seen. 

In the small but lavish quarters, there were 5 others in his midst. One was his best friend and 4 were his most trusted subordinates.

Pfft~.... Bahahahahaha~

Rudolf slapped his thigh and laughed till his belly ached when he heard the report. 

"It's good. It's good. It's good that we have the bastard running around now." Rudolf was in a pleasant mood, but he also knew this was just the beginning of their grand plan. 

Still, he just couldn't help himself after hearing the news. As a result, he sprung to his feet and was about to flare his hands in victory. It was enough for Sebastien's sweeping cold eyes to freeze him down in his tracks. 

"Settle down... Your feet are unworthy of my seat."


Are you truly my friend? 


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