1682 Changes In Titarian

Flee! Flee! Flee!

Those were the only words ringing in the ears of the men. 

It was an abomination to have lost a weakling like Santa right under their noses. 

Their arrogance had led them to this moment, thinking Santa couldn't even fight. 

Everyone's face was grim, realizing their information was all wrong!

Who said Santa was useless? 

Who said he was a no-good troublemaker who makes every minister and even his wife want to kill him? 

Lies! All a bunch of lies!

Laying weakly behind another man on horseback, Daniel vaguely woke up, feeling Santa was a scheming man who could act and pretend for a lifetime.

Perhaps even Penelope never knew his true side.

Thinking like this, Daniel felt even more hatred toward Santa. 

For now, they must leave as far as they can lest the royal Caronian forces come after them.


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