1629 Breaking In

Several premature cries accompanied the explosion... In short, the earlier scene went out as such. 

--2 minutes before the explosion.-- 

Several Adonis followers leaned on the other side of the heavy metal door, listening to the Incoming footsteps.

With careful analysis, they knew these intruders had arrived here without pulling barrels or carrying heavy quantities of black powder. 

Let them be clear. If one places 3 to 4 barrels of black powder on the door, it should blow up. 

No matter how carefully they tried to place the barrels down, the hallway floors on the other side were made to echo the littlest noises.

They had been listening in like how professional vault crackers listen to a safe's 'heartbeat.'


They could only hear the steady footsteps of these intruders.

Again, even if 2 people carried the barrels, their footsteps should also sell them out. 


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