1624 Battle At The Palace!

The tornado packed a punch, shaking the vehicle and blowing for what seemed to be an eternity until the chaos ceased. 

It's... Is it over? (°v°)

Look left, look right... 

Everyone felt they had just experienced a real-life Blockbuster movie scene with them being the actors and actresses.

But what was this? Why was the air 5 times hotter than before? 

No way! Is the tornado really so boiling? No wonder people get surface brush when captured in it. 

They thought the information might have been exaggerated slightly. But who knew one could cook like a runny egg while engulfed by a tornado?

"All A1 Units, report status!"

Are they alright wherever they are?

Landon gave the driver the wheel, contacting the other units ASAP. 


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