989 Allies!

Landon looked at everyone and grinned.

Time sure did fly.

It seemed like just yesterday when he first met many here.

Yet today, they are his allies! His people! His most trusted friends.

It was impossible for them to sit back and watch Morgany soon make its move on Pyno.

Without a doubt, his empire was more at stake than everyone else's.

What do you think would happen when those greedy Monarchs soon get word of Baymard's excellence?

They who loved to be supreme would feel threatened

And for sure, they would send their ships and ships of people at him.

It was important to note that even though the Pirate organization was independent, they still secretly worked for the Morgs, provided the Morgs gave them missions.

And so, the entire pirate organization might team up with the Morg armies to take them head-on.

The crises coming his way, in particular, was terrible!


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