1010 A Tight Family

Landon, who was still in his car, had long lowered his seat and leaned back, watching everything from the system's monitors.

Meanwhile, back on Trey's ship, everyone was carefully blocking everything up hastily.

Trey looked at the Temple ships calmly.

Sigh... Did this mean that he was going to miss lunch with the gang?


Admiral Trey, who sat in the highest-ranking position within the Coast Guards, was the one who overlooked them all.

Earlier on, he was out at sea with some trainees, their supervisors and his subordinates... Watching their every move.

Typically, he, as the boss, never got involved in such things, but once in a while, it was good to move around and see how others were doing.

Of course, he also did this because yesterday, he had managed to finish the paperwork planned for today.

He did so only because of the planned lunch date with the gang.


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