1840 A Glorious Royal Birth

In Baymard's grand medical theater, a hushed tension hung in the air as Queen Lucy, beloved by her people, was in the throes of labor. 

The royal theater was filled with the sounds of several solemn nurse attendants and doctors working meticulously and swiftly. 

Landon's eyes were all focused on his beloved woman, whispering promises for the future, once she pulled through.

Outside the theater, family and loved ones had gathered, some just arriving from outside the palace and others long seated here in wait. 

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap~

Lucius sat crossed armed, not even realizing that he had been anxiously tapping his boot against the hard ground for quite some time now. 

Many were similar to him, moving back and forth in fixed lines, anxiety etched in their solemn faces. 

Oh My heavens, this was torture. 

Why the hell was it taking so long? Was it usually this slow? 



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