1627 [Bonus chapter]Revenge For The Giants!

Stepping out of the vehicle with 2 guns at hand, one of the Baymardian teams focused on the many archers above.

"Go! We'll cover you!"

Artemis nodded firmly, moving towards the enemy swordsmen heading their way.

Before they could safely eject themselves from the vehicle, a majority of archers were already taken off.

Of course, the archers in question were the ones in the building ahead.

It would be impossible for arrows from other buildings to hit them, given the distance.

This was the city lord's palace, with buildings being a long throw away from each other. 

They were separated by massive lawns, roads, ponds and whatnot. So their only worries were from the archers on this single building ahead. 

Although the building had only 1 floor on the surface, it still had little watchtowers shooting out from each corner, allowing the archers to launch their attacks.


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